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Managed V/s Unmanaged Hosting – Make a Right Move for Your Business

The world of hosting services is ever evolving.

With the advent of Internet, hosting services have emerged as the call of the day. Internet today has become a pertinent platform to share and exchange communication. People often explore Internet for anything & everything. However, the ways of articulating & expressing through Internet, commenced with the concept of hosting.

Have you ever wondered that what makes it possible for all these spell bind websites to go live in the world?

The answer is simple – Hosting Services!

Web Hosting services facilitate people to express themselves on the Internet. These services are usually used for hosting websites, nevertheless in current times, they also serve as an important medium for hosting files, games, images and likewise content. To elucidate in simple words, hosting services refer to an arrangement, wherein a service provider or a web host serves and maintains the client’s websites and at the same time render other related services. By availing hosting services, the companies benefit due to the shared cost of fast Internet connectivity.

One might have to make a diligent decision of opting for a right choice between managed and unmanaged hosting, as per the specific business requirements.

Managed hosting refers to an IT provisioning model, wherein the hosting provider leases the dedicated server and its related hardware to an individual client. The client will be easily able to install the basic functionalities i.e. domain, emails etc. The hosting partner, in such a scenario will deal with more complex utilities of security, software up gradations, maintenance etc.

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Unmanaged Hosting connotes a scenario in which the client has to take care of every task that revolves around their server. The hosting provider simply facilitates the physical server and its access.

So, let’s have a quick look at the major differentiation between the above two types of hosting, so that one can decide about the suitable option for their businesses:

-Managed hosting facilitates automated backup and monitoring, which is not available with unmanaged hosting services.

-In case of managed hosting, the host extends support for each problem, task or contingency, wherein unmanaged, the service provider primarily renders only software related support.

-Managed hosting is quite expensive when compared to unmanaged , where, the service provider won’t render any software or installation support

-Managed hosting is far more effective in comparison to unmanaged hosting, as it reduces the extra work for the client. The hosting provider can be called on, for trouble shooting & technical support with managed hosting solutions.

-Managed hosting does not administer complete control over your server, which is quite rare with unmanaged hosting, which offers complete control or sole access over your server with ease.

To sum up, there are both the avenues of managed and unmanaged hosting available for organizations, as per business specifications. However, one needs to adopt a meticulous approach before deciding onto what suits you more – Managed or unmanaged hosting

So, pause, think and act… because, there are some companies rendering hybrid solutions as well (both managed & unmanaged). Leverage the benefits of hosting and experience the difference that it brings to your business.

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