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How Microsoft Azure Backup Scores Over Legacy Backup Systems

Cloud computing has changed paradigm of enterprise technology adoption because a large number of enterprises have tasted the amazing advantages of cloud migration including hassle-free running of business applications. Consistent updates, advanced cloud systems and innovative technology are just few of the most obvious reasons for awesome popularity of Microsoft Azure.

The latest offering y Microsoft in the same context is Microsoft Azure backup solution that assures seamless compatibility with a variety of enterprise infrastructures and policies. Since most of the entrepreneurs are somewhat clear about their data related tasks and strategies, it would be relevant to check ability of Microsoft Azure Backup solution.

Backup Fundamentals of Microsoft Azure

There is an alarming increase in occurrence of cyber crimes apart from other acts of God including quakes, floods, storms, and tornadoes to name a few. Any ideal backup resource must have proven ability of data restoration in the event of an unexpected outage.  There is more to Azure backup than meets the eye because it deals with cyber attacks by execution of the three-pronged approach consisting of preventive measures, detection capabilities and thereby instantly responding to cyber threats.

Variety of Options to Choose From

Versatility and variety are inherent and important attributes of Microsoft Azure cloud system. It is therefore quite logical to expect the same attributes from Microsoft backup systems. There are three important choices by Azure backup resource. If you have enough space and are interested in building a full backup, then Azure backup can support coverage of the entire gamut of information with full backup feature.

One of the most sought after backup solutions offered by Azure is the facility of incremental backups. The obvious reason for its popularity is its least requirement of storage space. Data cloud storage is implemented by way of leveraging storage blocks to make sure that the system is running efficiently. There is no burden of carrying forward data in the initial form because it constantly updates the storage to the latest version.

Any data related modifications, alterations, and additions can be efficiently covered with help of Microsoft Azure differential backup that is light on space and offers freedom from storing several copies of data.

Compelling Benefits of Azure backup

Azure backup is highly appreciated for its automatic storage feature that leverages software to intelligently allocate backup and helps save efforts as well as time. What’s more, users are not required to invest their time monitoring or maintaining their data storage and backup resources.

Azure backup system makes sure that users can access their data from any location at anytime which is convenient to them. The huge scaling capacity of Azure backup resource ensures that you never run out of space to store valuable data backup that is critical to survival of your organization. Another distinct advantage of Azure backup is it imposes no cap on the retention period of data. You can continue to leverage cloud data resource to store the same for unlimited period of time.

In addition to providing a right environment for short as well as long terms storage and data backup, Azure offers a wide assortment of benefits to companies that want value for their money. Users of Azure data backup system are allowed to use the resource for transferring any amount of data as per the requirements.

Availability and Security

You need not search for any cheap cloud data backup solution because Azure backup is packed with all essential features of an ideal cloud backup solution. It relieves you from the hassles of purchasing and maintaining onsite hardware and software equipment. Since the storage in Azure backup is located far away from your on-premise infrastructure, it actually adds a sound layer of security.

Moreover by storing three versions of your data at separate locations, Azure backup guarantees availability. Any data that is leaving the Azure data center is seamlessly encrypted including the source as well as at the vault in addition to the period in transit.

Optimized Bandwidth Consumption

After establishing the full backup facility for an enhanced efficiency, Azure backup will introduce only the alterations and modifications as per predefined frequency as well as schedule by the end user. The optimization of the utilized bandwidth will be enhanced further by way of the inbuilt compression for dependable and efficient utilization of the bandwidth.

Azure backup allows consistent integration with the Data Protection Manager that is part of Microsoft’s onsite infrastructure. This enables you to access onsite data resource for rapid availability and the same is subsequently seeded to cloud storage of Azure for added protection at its offsite location.


As such, you will come across a broad spectrum of Microsoft Azure products and the purpose of the post is to familiarize you with general aspects of the highly sought after Azure backup system.

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