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Azure Backup and Site Recovery Promise to Improve BCDR Quotient of Enterprises

Many organizations need to adhere strictly to the compliance even if there is a impending prospect of a downtime. Microsoft Azure empowers such enterprises eliminate downtime for a consistent and guaranteed compliance not only in case of cloud based apps but also for onsite applications.

Considering the fact that any apparently insignificant outage can have a huge potential to impact business continuity, thereby harming the competitive edge of your business, one must have systems in place to leverage business continuity plans across all aspects of IT infrastructure. Azure allows you to build such resource by obviating the need for a secondary resource in terms of an additional infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure lets you leverage its infrastructure without need to develop any other resource for maintaining the business in its normal mode. It is also recommended for some organizations to shift the entire on-premise infrastructure to Azure and build Disaster Recovery capabilities in between the regions of Azure cloud services.

Predictability of compute, storage and network usage is promised with help of free assessment during the migration of on-site workloads to the cloud environment. Customers need not be concerned with excess charges for resources since the payment will only cover the consumption for the period of outage and not beyond.


Hassle-free deployment and more

The site recovery solution by Azure is designed for simple and easy setup. The deployment is finished in not more than three simple stages and once the application is rolled out, the update features automatically get activated so that users are able to access new and advanced aspects of Microsoft Azure as soon as these are available.

Multi-tier applications are seamlessly sequenced to harden security of Azure infrastructure. Disaster Recovery testing is a reliable method of checking the application for compliance since it avoids interference with workloads and delivers seamless user engagement. In the event of any unexpected outage, the on-site apps will continue to remain up and running, thanks to automatic restoration to Azure.

Recovery in Azure environment is aimed at mitigating downtime and is further reinforced with help of SLA backed uptime of 99.99 percent plus. The Azure support team also makes sure that users are never left high and dry in case of any events that may prove to be roadblock in the apps’ performance. Compliance and availability are the two most compelling aspects of Azure that delivers enterprise class objectives in terms of recovery point as well as recovery time.

Site recovery by Azure

Business continuity is a vital objective of any organization that strives to maintain the competitive edge by assuring high availability applications and other services to end users. The best method of ensuring business continuity in spite of growing instances of cyber attacks and natural catastrophes is Site Recovery solution by Azure. Your apps can instantly leverage a secondary resource by way of replication whenever the support of a primary site in terms of physical servers and Virtual Machines is in jeopardy.

Almost every modern business counts on consistent performance of apps and workloads. Azure offers a robust solution for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery to support replication management as well as failover capabilities of the apps. On-site and cloud based replication of VMs can eliminate need to build a cost intensive resource of a secondary data center. Site recovery can also be leveraged to replicate VMs to another on-site IT infrastructure.

Replication by Azure Site Recovery can even extend to the current workloads that are running on Virtual Machines. Needless to mention, all other workloads that run on Linux or Windows servers as well as VMware or Hyper-V virtual machines can also be replicated by Azure.

Seamless replication in terms of VM Hosting and Azure allows achievement of RTO and RPO targets with minimum possible Hyper-V frequency. It is possible to further mitigate the same with integration of the same with Azure Traffic Manager. Another distinct advantage of Azure site recovery is its ability to obviate interception of application data. As the data storage is executed at Azure level, the VMs will be delivered with help of replicated data in the event of failover and not by using or intercepting application data.

Significance of Azure backup

Protection and restoration of mission critical data in Azure cloud services is executed with help of Azure backup as well as Azure site recovery. Azure backup is aimed at replacing each and every backup service in use across your onsite as well as remote locations. There are multiple backup components of Azure that must be deployed on relevant machines at site or at cloud facilities.

In conclusion

Azure site recovery and backup can be your trusted solutions for seamless data integrity and business continuity. You can depend on Azure for amazing user experience with elimination of downtime.

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