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5 Marvelous Powers of SAP HANA

Today, the IT industry is revolutionizing every day with competing upgrades of technology. When talking about handling the massive database, a plenty of database management system have been introduced by tech giants. Earlier, SAP HANA is founded to increase the chances of running the business on useful data through database.

Therefore, before going ahead, many people will be surfing the basic info of HANA. The SAP HANA have “n” number of traits, known as superpowers. What are these marvelous powers that could bless businesses with supreme traits of database management? To let you know, the super powers are mentioned below –

  • Geo-Spatial
  • All-in-One Platform
  • Data Security
  • Multi-Cloud
  • Machine Learning

1. Geo-Spatial –

The Geospatial feature of SAP HANA was established with SAP HANA SP6. It permits organization in order to store the Geo-spatial data with the business data similarly of HANA. Through extending capabilities of SAP HANA Cloud platform, customers could perform the operations over spatial data, such as measuring the distance in between geometries and knowing intersection or union of various objects. Every calculation is performed utilizing predicates like contains, crosses and intersects.

Spatial Data:

It is the data that explains shape, orientation and position of the objects within defined space. It is showed as 2D geometrics, means as line strings, polygons and points.

There are a few spatial data types, such as Geometry (ST_GEOMETRY) and POINT (ST_POINT) that are brought by SAP HANA in order to store the spatial information. Fixed location is similar to point in the space and would be depicted by X as well as Y co-ordinates (in 3D space, it could have Z co-ordinate).

Geometry is similar to a container that could store the following in it –

SAP HANA’ Spatial Feature:

HANA Spatial provides an ability of storing as well as processing ST_GEOMETRY and ST_POINT geospatial data forms. Both of these data types permit application developer in order to associate the spatial information by the data. For instance, table showcasing companies can store company’s location as point or store delivery zone for company as polygon.

In addition, SAP HANA distributes Nokia mapping services as HANA Spatial features. It could be utilized in order to build applications through HANA XS engine, owing to which the Nokia mapping services could be known using Nokia API.

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When the Spatial data is being loaded in the HANA, then you could extend or make HANA models, namely calculation view, analytic utilizing the HANA Studio as well as make the models accessible for visualization and analysis via customized HTML5 applications or SAP Lumira. The SQL script of SAP HANA has been prolonged in order to support Spatial SQL MM Standards for accessing and storing the geospatial data.

Nowadays, there are organizations that aim to enhance the ROI by minimizing the cost of data processing. It is quite simple to use the SAP HANA for tech giants that proved to achieve big ROI via database management system. Its capability makes this ideal real-time business platform, minimizing the issues of data redundancy.

2. All-in-One Platform –

At present, there are “n” number of business data platforms within the market, claiming to provide adaptable data processing capability. However, SAP HAN is the only business platform, made for intelligent enterprise. The platform has presented a combination of OLAP and OLTP, resulting in processing of hybrid transactions for complete transactions.

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3. Data Security –

When talking about the data processing, the major concern is data security. With same purpose, SAP HANA comes with wide security, making it much secure for businesses in order to handle the data of customers and make the best use of it. Also, HANA offers data anonymization in real-time, making it secure for managing the database with higher security.

In order to manage the data access as well as secure the corporate info, SAP HANA offers comprehensive security and tooling for the authorization, role management and authentication, identity management, secure encryption and audit logging.

With SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 01 release, the innovative features for security of confidential and sensitive data were further added. The highlights are –

– Native backup encryption
– Active data masking

Utilizing active data masking, you can apply additional access control to the data. Through defining the custom column masks, users can select how the sensitive data is being showcased by leveraging UNMASKED privilege. For instance, you could explain that four digits are depicted for the security numbers despite of clear text. As data is just masked at the time it displayed, the SAP HANA could execute the calculations over data as usual.

Additionally, SAP HANA offers inclusive data capabilities for redo logs and data volumes. Now, native backup encryption adds the backup encryption for different backups services like log, delta data and complete data.

4. Multi-Cloud –

If you are handling different businesses, then there will be different cloud platforms that are unable to work over single platform. In such a scenario, SAP HANA is a business tool, offering multi-cloud platform and hybrid data platform. Therefore, with SAP HANA, you do not have to rely on various working environments, as the SAP HANA gives full compatible systems and customization, which could be utilized through various cloud data platforms.

5. Machine Learning –

The noticeable change within IT industry is development of machine learning. Following the same note, the SAP HANA comes with smart learning, which enhances real-time business processing abilities for enterprises.  It offers active in-memory abilities for machine learning and predictive analytics at unparalleled speeds into the database.

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