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Scaling Huge SAP HANA Database Capacity within Cloud

Today, every business needs an edge, whether the benefit is entering into the market primarily and deliver outstanding customer experience or build exceptional operating efficiency. In order to cater these, SAP S/4 HANA on the Go4Hosting system servers is new computing platform that is making news in the market.

SAP HANA is an in-memory database that permits instant as well as cost-effective analysis of large data seta nowadays. In terms of hardware, the power systems of Go4Hosting are made in order to offer performance-driven data-intensive analytics. Introduction of SAP-certified managed cloud services over systems make this software and hardware combination a preferred option among users.

Flexible and AI-ready Server Consolidation

Most of the Go4Hosting users are availing advantage from running the SAP HANA cloud over power architecture in the on-premises data centers. The power servers could deliver high-differentiated SAP HANA infra along with flexibility, enabled via virtualization model of Go4Hosting. It offers high bandwidth and large-memory capacity that provides outstanding performance. The data access and execution speed are offered by SAP HANA and suitable for current advanced technologies like cognitive analytics and machine learning.

featuredAccording to perspective of IT management, implementing the power systems helps in enabling efficient usage of the server association for savings. Businesses could run several SAP HANA production on every power system server that possibly minimize hardware acquisition costs and footprint of data center. In addition, power systems offers highly-resilient platform that helps in meeting the business and user uptime expectations.

Advantage of Cloud Economics

Many businesses face challenges that are linked with supporting concurrent and big workloads of SAP HANA and might wish to shift towards managed cloud options. Furthermore, speed is serious for analysis as well as action is much needed in order to achieve the business objectives as well as it needs an ideal combination of the IT abilities for gaining the desired edge.

The availability of the resources on Go4Hosting provides companies an additional advantages of efficiency and performance, given by SAP HANA. For instance, instead of making the CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) investments in the infrastructure in order to expand the portfolio of SAP HANA, businesses could shrink or grow the cloud infrastructure on request. The OPEX – Operating Expense cloud models helps businesses in order to free the critical capitals for different projects.

Additionally, capacity values in the era of enormous data sets. Go4Hosting clients may obtain same database capacity of SAP HANA, around 24TB with same on-premises in increase the scale, resiliency and speed of power systems. Clients could start through lesser configuration and later scale up 1 TB additions within non-disruptive manner with no need of data repartitioning. Apart from small enterprises, large enterprises may also take benefit of the capacity as well as run the SAP HANA in-memory analytics over cloud. This solution leverages the storage based on the flash in the Go4Hosting family. It provides another benefit. Extensions are available at additional price in order to offer integration with cloud hosting services like blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT). Such integrations power the businesses in order to develop state-of-the-art new capabilities and services like Artificial Integration along with SAP HANA.

This is just a Beginning of In-memory Analytics

The SAP-certified managed cloud service over power systems is braced by the Go4Hosting managed application services. This integrated software and hardware solution is only a beginning of the exciting innovations that are expected for cloud. You can learn about scaling the workload capacity of large databased in the cloud and ease the business operations. You can deploy SAP HANA services from Go4Hosting and scale the SAP HANA database capacity within cloud at competitive prices.

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