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SAP HANA: Can It Make Businesses More Productive?

In today’s world, each entity wish things should be done quickly, whether it is end user or company. It requires the companies in order to respond real-time in order to offer true worth to the customers. Thus implies that businesses have to handle ever-increasing data efficiently and swiftly that could not be done in traditional pen and paper way. Organizations require meaningful insights within no time and for the same they possess smart application, which can search the trends as well as extract the insights from raw data’ bulk.

The SAP HANA is business intelligence tool, providing you excellent data disputing abilities at the fingertips. Numerous features fixed with the simplicity helps in running the business at faster pace than earlier. Especially, SAP Business Suite is witness of the analytical excellence, concentrated by the SAP HANA to different industries.

How it adds value to the businesses?

In the year 2012, SAP made history when it launched the SAP HANA that incorporated a number of functionalities, helping businesses leverage analytics’ power at cheap price.

In order to know more about SAP HANA, read the following points –

– Catering to all Business Needs –
SAP HANA implants the ERP functionalities, reporting and analytics; therefore, addressing the business requirements with a tool.
– Time-Saving Technology –
SAP HANA is able to handle all queries with instant information and reports with in-memory computing in order to resolve real-time business needs.
– Powerful Interface and Intuitive Analytics –
It permits customizing and generating reports to provide visibility and great flexibility in the business operations with interactive and powerful dashboards.
– Segmenting Operations –
The tool segments business operations in functions like sales, inventory, purchase and marketing that are bases upon HTML5, which enhances user satisfaction along with easily accessible data.
– Fast and Efficient Analytics –
With a wide variety of analytical features it excels in managing all sorts of data by drilling deep  in order to find informational patterns making analytics faster and efficient at the same time.

How SAP HANA is performing in Technology Market?

SAP HANA reconfiguring business with influential analytical ability, letting real-time business respond in the difficult scenarios. The market experts call SAP HANA a disruptive technology, integrating Internet of Things in order to handle massive amount of the data generated through applications. Here are some of the instances that will better explain the SAP HANA performance in leading companies across the globe –

A leading sugarcane company, Florida Crystals Corporation implemented the SAP HANA for combining the data through office located far away, catering the regular business requirements as well as driving the value through cloud hosting patform. Results were astonishing as performance enhanced by 97 percent and cost minimized at end of supply chain. Apart from this, data experts were capable to give time to the core analysis as well as performance enhanced with data’ petabytes that is ready be accessed real-time.

Another same example is GmbH (online retail company of Austria that deals in accessories, furniture, electronics and garments). This organization struggled in order to increase the performance of IT and core finance departments. The company wish to bring the real-time analytics should be implemented in business process. To accomplish such objectives, Neckermann incorporated SAP HANA as well as hosted the same on Cisco server. Neckermann did extremely well as far as performance and customer satisfaction is concerned.

Analytics integration in the business operations helped Neckermann in improving the customer engagement.

Lately, buzz was generated when people got to know that SAP HANA is deployed in among one of the popular adventure sports companies, namely Formula 1 racing.

Apparently, most of the organizations are going to utilize big data analytics in order to facilitate communication and other uses. They found SAP HANA as most feasible option. Imagine traction that is gained by this tool through every domain.

All of these are just a few examples of how SAP HANA helps these companies in achieving their aims or bring revolutions in the field. Nowadays, there are plenty of organizations across the world are getting advantage through this technology.

At present, SAP HANA has around 6400 customers worldwide. The route of growth of the SAP HANA is depicting the upper trend since 23rd January 2017 that is assumed to increase exponentially in the coming time. A lot of graphs clearly shows that SAP HANA’s latest version gave tough fight to the famous market leaders, namely Teradata and Oracle with around 23.2 percent market share in third quarter of 2016.

Why to choose SAP HANA for Business and Career?

Presently, SAP HANA is accepted by Fortune 500 companies, it is among the fastest growing technologies in the market. All businesses utilizing SAP permit HANA plug-ins that perform better. It is meeting the requirement of SAP HANA professionals among top-notch companies.

As per the report of, jobs availability needs proficiency in the SAP HANA that is increasing year-by-year. Today, there is a specific set of SAP HANA job roles and its jobs salary range from £38,000 – £100,000 yearly.

SAP HANA is renowned technology, owing to which technology firms and individuals require proficiency in the SAP HANA. So, if your business also needs SAP HANA cloud services at affordable prices, then you can avail the services from Go4Hosting, having a team of experts that will provide you competitive advantage.

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