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Azure Cloud Backup Empowers Businesses with Cost-efficient Storage Solutions

Modern technologies offer amazing advantages to businesses with ability to adopt cloud computing and gain capabilities that could not even be imagined just a few years ago. However, advent of new technologies has also given birth to security challenges and has enhanced cyber criminals’ abilities to devastate carefully built security infrastructures of enterprises.

Importance of a Versatile Backup Solution

Backup has always been trusted as reliable resource to secure important data right from the days of floppy drives. Cloud backup solutions offer excellent opportunity to store and customize backup storage as per the needs of organization in the modern age of cloud computing. Proliferation of backup service providers that claim to deliver an ever-expanding variety of backup plans prove that awareness about significance of backup is growing exponentially.

Microsoft Azure Cloud is a force to reckon with when it comes to the implementation of seamless backup and disaster recovery strategies in a cloud environment. Enterprise clients prefer to adopt Azure backup since it has established its dependability through a large spectrum of robust backup tools that can be leveraged by clients to support their individual data storage systems.

Azure backup feature can be extended to cover an entire gamut of data sources including SQL Servers, local files, Exchange, and folders among others. Seamless data restoration and access is guaranteed by Azure backup service, which makes sure that your business critical data is retained at a highly protected remote location.

insidePromise of Economy

Conventional data backup service providers perceive cloud to be nothing more than data storage with static features of a storage disk or a thumb-drive. This approach can lead to cost escalation and may also result in storage of wrong type of information that may not be in line with organization’s backup and DR policies.

Tailor-made data storage is the most ideal solution to prevent data from remaining at a static form or storage of irrelevant data forms. Azure’s approach to data storage is influenced by customization and need based.

A great number of enterprises attach the highest significance to economy of data storage plans while selecting Azure backup service by Microsoft. Cloud data backup packages by Azure are backed by flexibility as well as scalability to further enhance cost efficiency in an enterprise setup.

Since the consumption patterns can vary according to the demand, Azure makes sure that customers are not forced to purchase fixed amounts of backup resources by designing scalable backup solutions. Customers are allowed to choose data backup plans that match their requirements and the usage based billing method will ensure that the payments will not be more than what is actually being consumed. In a more refined approach to data storage that involves combination of on-premise and cloud storage, Azure backup facilitates free usage of onsite storage by providing automatic allocation and management of heterogeneous data storage.

Security with scalability

Scalability is an extension to the pay-as-you-go billing method offered by Azure backup because organizations can implement testing of their new services and applications without concerns about size of application or volume of backup. Data integrity in cloud is an important feature of Azure backup since Azure attaches extreme importance to customer’s sensitive information. One of the several security measures is related to multiple recovery points and automatic recovery vaults that can hold your vital data for a prolonged period of time.

Azure backup by Microsoft puts no upper limit on the volumes of transferred data and customers are expected to make sure that their resources are always up and running for leveraging this facility. Alternatively, enterprise customers can pay a certain amount for availing offline facility of Import / Export.

Variety of Backup Storage

Customers may choose from two basic alternatives of data storage including local and regional backup facilities. For small and medium businesses, a locally redundant storage can cater to the need for storing data at integrated data centers in the form of three different copies for assured redundancy. Data replication to another region can be leveraged by availing geo redundant storage service that protects data in the event of any unexpected event occurring at the regional level.

Reliable choice

Performance reliability is the most important objective of availing Azure backup services that make sure that your mission critical data continues to be accessible and well-protected. Comprehensive cloud backup solutions by Azure that guarantee unrestricted data transfer so that users need not be concerned about data volumes. Moreover, there is an assurance of data encryption to safeguard your data transfer.

In conclusion

Economy, scalability, security, and flexibility are the most compelling advantages of cloud backup by Azure. You can combine site recovery and data backup to gain amazing business continuity as well as disaster recovery capabilities to enhance trustworthiness of your business application. It will also help you chalk out a robust cloud policy.

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