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Innovate Your Business with SAP HANA

SAP HANA is reimagined stage for businesses that want to transform their businesses via streamlining the analytics, predictive, transactions, planning as well as sentiment data processing over single in-memory data platform.

Businesses could be innovated with implementation services of SAP HANA and run simply digitally with SAP S/4 HANA. It is built on cutting-edge in-memory platform and provides adapted user experience.

Why to Opt for Migration to SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is an in-memory real-time analytics and data platform that has begun as platform in order to cater needs to join the disparate support systems in state-of-the-art and reliable platform that supports the modern business workloads and workflows that are large, complex as well as real-time in the nature. It provides opportunity in order to get best insights all-the-time.

Here are Some of the Benefits of SAP HANA that will Insist you to Migrate to SAP HANA –

1. Power to Manage Big Data

Using SAP HANA an enterprise can be handled easily as well as go beyond Big Data trend. SAP HANA helps in processing the massive data volume and changes in way it is accessed and stored and you will be capable to utilize wide range of data.

HANA integrates the information through several internal and external sources. The advanced analytic and machine learning capabilities mean that a large amount of the unstructured data could be implemented, such as text, spatial, event streams, time series and predictive.

Soon, all the businesses would realize that they have to change their way of thinking of data in case they wish to compete with the market leaders. Yet, most organizations do not see value in handling to search insights at granular level would prove invaluable.

2. Real-Time Analytics

If any business needs up moment information or process the reports that usually takes a lot of time to prepare. In these things, SAP HANA can help you.

The in-memory technology is basically the technology in which you will not waste the time in loading the data from different locations. It has been witnessed that basic setups of HANA process the data around 10-times faster. It drastically minimizes the time that is required to perform the all-inclusive reports.

Enhanced business intelligence functionalities built in the HANA that are combined with more speed, means data could be processed in the real time. It radically minimizes the duration of making the business decisions.

All-in-all, through SAP HANA, you could react in real time to the events affecting the business as well as take proper actions in order to capitalize up on opportunities or you can overcome challenges.

3. Scalable Solutions

None of the business must be aimed to stay static and advantage of migration towards SAP HANA is when the requirements increase with the growth of business, then you could grow the size of HANA solution.

Basically, there are no limit to how big you could grow with the SAP Business Warehouse along with largest-certified configuration that is reaching 168 TB RAM.

In addition, it introduces the dynamic tiering that means instantly accessed data stays in the memory and least used data moves to the disk when the space is less. It is a cost-effective way of managing the big data volumes, when shared with the columnar storage and advanced compression of HANA that results in 3-5x data footprint minimization.

4. Versatility and Flexibility

The biggest advantage of SAP HANA is compatibility with hardware, software and databases that makes it the versatile data solution available in the market. It means the team could achieve great analytic abilities without remunerating interfaces trusted by them.

In addition, it also means you are capable to apply the latest analytic capabilities in the old systems that permit you to originate new insights as well as rethink the old assumptions made on the misleading data.

However, SAP HANA is well-suited with various systems, it is columnar data models that means existing ABAP code that will not achieve optimally and could potentially cause the system errors.

How to Migrate to SAP HANA?

The SAP HANA solution permits you to have best decision each time. It provides different dimensions of the decision processing, described as following –

– Get instant answered to business question over big data sets
– Answer the interactive and complex questions via piercing down to the granular data
– Remove the data latency that is caused due to the ETL via real-time replication
– Get results with the answers in a couple of seconds in interactive fashion
– Quick development cycles with no requirement of pre-aggregation cubes

The SAP HANA migration solutions of Go4Hosting helps you in unleashing true potential of the data assets along with focus over delivering the instant business outcomes. The leading company offers strategic data migration, quality assurance, post-implementation support and performance benchmarks. The team of HANA consultants would help you in capitalizing over modern analytics abilities as well as SAP HANA advantages in order to gain the excellent performance accelerations.

Go4Hosting provides SAP HANA cloud migration services to the customers at competitive prices.

Our Offerings Include –

Predictable Migration – Custom data solutions’ migration to SAP HANA

SAP BW’ Migration to SAP HANA – Fixed price to lead in the cost overruns. Go4Hosting provides you migration packages in order to enable collective motivation and peace of mind in order to finish the projects on time through fast ROI.

Inclusive Quality Metrics – The migration solutions of Go4Hosting ensure the quality consciousness constantly with the quality audits in every project as checkpoints.

High Post-Migration Support – Go4Hosting stand by its work and provides a top-notch post-migration support in order to make sure non-disruptive analytics along with added optimizations.

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