RAID 5 Data Recovery

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RAID 5 is the most common redundant array of independent disks array for small organizations, crash of which can be disastrous for the business. But fortunately there is certain mechanism following which you can recover lost data in RAID 5 architecture.

All lost data in RAID 5 architecture can be recovered by taking care of a few things:

• Just stop working on it and shut it down. Because while 2 of the disks have already gone leading to the failure, your RAID controller might still be functional and might perform writes on the other drives which will cause them to fail too.

• In order to perform RAID 5 recovery without any interruption, arrange the necessary hardware and software, such as –

1. A spare PC or external storage (preferably NAS) with space as much as the total size of the original RAID disks.

2. A UPS for uninterrupted power supply to PC or NAS, a router and an HDD dock if required.

3. A RAID 5 data recovery software.

• Dismantle all the drives from the RAID 5 array, and check their physical integrity one by one by running your drive vendor’s checking utilities. You’re required to identify the failed drives only and not attempt to repair them.

• Note down the numbers / names and other parameters that have failed.

• Now run RAID recovery on the failed disks.

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