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Backup Services

Backup service also known as cloud backup is a service that is offered by web server hosting companies to enable easy backup, storage, and recovery of files, documents and other data that are stored either in the server or on the cloud hosting. It can be regarded as a form of Cloud computing. Backup systems are usually developed around the user’s software program and can be customized to match the client’s unique needs. Backups can be scheduled at specific time intervals and can be automated for the tasks to happen automatically at specific time periods. The system works by collecting and compressing data and encrypting them before they are transferred to a remote off site server.


Best Cloud Backup Services


Each provider has its own characteristic offerings. From a technical viewpoint each cloud service is different and it is difficult to establish nuances between backup services that exist todady.

In a nutshell, each consumer has its own specific requirements and data to handle. Below we have mentioned some of the best backup services, highlighting how each differs from the other -

Note that the List Should not be Taken as Ranking and is Just a Listing of Robust Backup Services.

- IDrive: IDrive enables backing up and restoring via physically shipped drives. The business plan allows up to three backup without cost. Despite all the functionality provided in IDrive, the most useful is the ability to create subaccounts for the storage allocated to you.

- One Drive: Microsoft’s One Drive is more feature rich than we all thought. With a Microsoft account you get access to complimentary MS Office (online). Your documents are stored and synchronized in real-time.

- Crash Plan: Not as popular as the One Drive, Crash Plan is an affordable alternative to other cloud backup services and packs the punch for its price.

- Google Drive: Google Drive is probably the most widely known cloud backup service with an equally wide range of plans. A free storage of 15GB comes with every Gmail account. Though initially (free for up to 15GB), you would need to pay a small fee if you are planning to scale your storage further.

- Go4hosting Backup Service: The list would have been incomplete without a mention of Go4hosting. We run a very customizable backup solution, where you can decide what services you would like to avail.


You can choose your data center, monthly bandwidth limit, transfer speed – all in a small comprehensive price range.


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