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Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)

BYOC or Bring Your Own Cloud is a concept that is not very well known to many out there. Thousands of individuals search for the suitable cloud plan for their business in the market. But they end up getting confused due to the presence of multitude of services. Very few of them are there in the market that are offering the BYOC plan. The concept of BYOC is very much similar to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) wherein corporate employees utilize their own personal clouds or combination of public or private cloud service from third-party cloud providers. Hence instead of going with the company’s own cloud service using any other more efficient cloud service is all about BYOC.

But when dedicated, shared and other cloud services like hybrid cloud, etc. are available in the market and are running fine then why to go for BYOC that sounds even more complex?

This is because all the other cloud services were unable to cater that level of flexibility that BYOC can promise and even provide in real. All the clients and customers who are already using or subscribed to any of the BYOC cloud plan available out there. One gets world-class flexibility while storing and also while accessing their data resources such as documents, images, videos and other files. But wait for the best part, all this is managed within the corporate control and strict security policies are followed. Companies and organisations all around the world embrace the Bring Your Own Cloud concept for its potential cost savings and its increased productivity. This is most profitable for the employees that are able to more efficiently collaborate and want to access work information from anywhere and at any point of time. Isn’t it the best till now in the cloud technology?


Benefits of BYOC policy


BYOC is even stronger when implemented in conjunction with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as it brings more benefits on the table. These benefits are as following-


1.) Greater flexibility- When businesses switch to BYOC their employees get enabled to work even away from office and simultaneously accessing the system over the internet. Accessing files wherever you are is a quality for which BYOC is cherished for. This is further profitable for the companies as it cuts out the office space that is required to accommodate so many employees.
2.) Reduced training costs- Different companies with different mind-set along with it comes different preferences in terms of devices and processors. Some prefer Mac and the others Windows. But with BYOC no more worries about managing all the different processors all together. So no more to worry about the costs been put into training these employees for different processors. This makes the employees happier as well as satisfied as they don’t have to switch to any new processor maintaining the same morale.
3.) Application compatibility- Multiple applications can be used across a range of different operating systems and devices. Due to this employees can improve collaboration while working in different locations. Not only working, editing documents and taking part in conferences have also become so easy with this.
4.) Cutting costs on cloud devices or network- The very obvious advantage is that hosted clients will bring their own devices or cloud systems hence so much costs will be saved. The constant cost that was wasted before in replacing them or maintaining them will be obsolete.
5.) More compatible and secured- people are always very much concerned about their confidential information and securing the customer data. Also the clients should agree on backing up and updating their systems. This is a more secured way of continuing with the business.


Cloud hosting providers do not indulge in any of their clients’ hardware investments and neither in the type of cloud arrangement. Many of the features provided by a dedicated server hosting plan are common with BYOC cloud model. For employees it might be easy to use the already existing personal accounts. But as the technology is developing at such a high pace somethings have to be compromised to stay profitable in the end. This is the best one can expect from cloud development as you don’t have to the keep up with the budget.


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