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Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Storage

The concept behind the hybrid cloud is to mix the computing, storage, and other services that are incorporated within the environment of the public as well as a private cloud. So we consider hybrid cloud storage as a combination of public cloud and private cloud for the on-premises computing and other infrastructure. The costs that may incur in replacing the IT environment will be recovered very soon as multiple advantages are involved within hybrid cloud storage. The improved efficiency and flexibility is just a small picture of all the benefits of hybrid cloud storage. But people generally overlook these benefits and difficulty of moving the whole cloud infrastructure overpowers it. Hence, here are some real-world benefits of a hybrid cloud:

Continuity in Business

Hybrid cloud business continuity solution is not just about imitating content but also to keep continuity in business during the times of disasters or failures.When it comes to dealing with critical data, then companies can only put their trust on hybrid cloud. This is because it minimises downtime by simultaneously keeping the budget under control.

Strengthened Security

There still must be some company owners or developers who still doubt when it comes to the security part of the cloud hosting solution. But with a hybrid cloud, all these confusion have vanished. This is because hybrid cloud providers allow their customers to choose their servers and network devices. Choosing your servers is similar to subscribing to a dedicated server hosting. This characteristic of the hybrid cloud ensures that they have the same quality of security as promised by any private cloud architecture. But this strengthened security does not put bars to the communication between distinct solutions and thus not steals the real essence of the hybrid cloud hosting solution.


With increasing workloads, the major factor that starts hampering the business is the scalability. Working within the hybrid cloud model minimizes the concern of scalability. The businesses can easily scale out or in depending on the workload.This has only been possible by using the unlimited resources that hybrid cloud storage consists of. 

Cloud Bursting:

The best part of the hybrid cloud is its flexibility. Whenever computing capacity demand spikes, the application starts running on private cloud bursts into the public cloud. This shift of the application resources from public to private or vice versa is known as cloud bursting. There are not any hefty costs involved in cloud bursting; in fact, the company just has to pay for the extra computing resources that have been occurred. In this way space for some critical applications or applications dealing with some sensitive data is created on-premises along with some freed resources. What else a business can ask from a service.

Improved Control over Big Data

There is plenty of companies that have to deal with Big Data. It looks like hybrid cloud storage was customized for such companies as it gives them more authority over their business. With a hybrid cloud, they can serve their customers in a better way along with assisting their employees. This has been achieved due to high computational power and scalability. Data is recovered so quickly and the private or sensitive data is kept out of public servers on priority.

Economical and Improved Customer Satisfaction

Though a hybrid cloud solution is best at its work but still comes under simplified costs. The organizations which could afford more than public cloud service but were not able to afford the costs that will incur under a private cloud environment, hybrid cloud is the best-balanced service where they can enjoy both the service as well will be in their budget. This has also brought in a whole new level of customer satisfaction.


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