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Bit Rate

According to the digital communication standards, the bit rate is the number of bits that pass a defined point in the telecommunication network and at a specific time. This specified time is usually in seconds. The measuring unit of bit rate in bits per second and is measured in multiples of it. Multiples of bits per second will be like kilobits, thousands of bits per second (kbps), etc. The bit rate can also be signified as the data transfer rate. The difference between both terms is their relevance of usage. Bit rate is more used where transmission technology is used. Whereas the data transfer rate is used more someone has to compare transmission technology.

The bit rate can be adjusted through adjusting export settings. Wherein one can choose a random bit rate that can be matched with the source footage. But for this one has to have a thorough understanding of which bit rate is used for which purpose. Through this expertise, one can be benefitted a lot.

But first, let’s understand the very basic root of a bit rate. A bit is a zero or a one and is the ground level of computing. And the bit rate is the number of bits that can be processed in a given amount of time. For example, 40 megabits per second or 40 Mbit/s means 40,000,000 bits are being processed every second. This might have been referred to for playing a video or audio. The constant fact about bit rate is that higher bit rate corresponds to better quality or if talked in video terms then better resolution.

Types of Bit Rates-

Constant Bit Rate-

CBR or Constant Bit Rate is a set bit rate for the entire length of the video. CBR makes it easy to load and playback and forth. CBR is used for cloud-based streaming services. This is because, in cloud-based streaming services, videos are constantly being downloaded and are more exposed to stumble according to the bit rate spikes. There is a set upper bound on the delay experienced by the data in the way it is created. It regulates the bit stream that is generated by the image regions to achieve an overall target bit rate. The CBR strategy can be classified into two types:

  • Independent Rate Control Strategy- In this the bit rate of each region is pre-assigned. Two separate rate control algorithms are performed that are independent of each other.
  • Joint Rate Control Strategy- It controls the bit rates from both the regions and which is carried out as a joint process. 

Variable Bit Rate-

VBR or Variable Bit Rate is a dynamic bit rate whose value changes according to the level of detail needed at a given instance. The instance is generally referred to as moments of motion. The video quality delivered by VBR is certainly better than CBR but is less universally easy to playback. The file sizes are lower with VBR. VBRs find most of their application in progressive and direct downloads. Apart from this, a unique feature of VBR is that it only spikes its bit rate when necessary. 
Blu-ray is considered to be the high-quality bit rate standard. The maximum bit rate is round about 40Mbits/s for1080P movies. Irrespective of this the video quality will anyways depend on its length and the size of the storage device. Then it does not depend on whether it is a disk or a hard drive.

Nowadays online content has come out of the dilemma of the level of quality it can support. Social platforms like YouTube themselves have the provision of recommendations of what bit rates to use for different kinds of videos. It ranges like 720P-4K.

All this covers the fundamentals of bit rates but the focus should be on better quality and less troubleshooting.


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