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Back up on the Web

Not long ago did we come across a would-be client who had lost his entire website by accidently clicking on a link. He was redirected to a website that promptly began download a suspicious file to this computer. Before he could cancel the file had finished downloading – it wasn’t too big for his internet to take ages. Much to his surprise the file that wasn’t even a thousand miles from his website now dwelled in his computer.

Luckily, he had an antivirus program which was rather quick to point out that a suspicious program had invaded the computer. He immediately moved the program in quarantine but could not delete it from his computer.

He did not believe things were serious until his website started behaving somewhat strangely. Blogs that he updated a week back had disappeared. The scripts were starting to disappear too. Unsure what had led him into this whirlpool, he decided to restore his website, which is when the entire contents got deleted.

Luckily, he was running a Cloud backup service so restoring website wasn’t much of a problem.


What are the Advantages of Running Backup on the Web?


Backing up Data on the Web Comes with Following Advantages –

- First, it keeps a clean copy of working data awaiting restoration.
- If you run a website that demands collaboration from various remote employees, you can do so by having all your workers to work on remotely located data.
- Unlike physical drives that need to be carried around everywhere to gain access to the data, backup on the web is internet-related service and does not falter


Backup Services in a Nutshell

Back up on the web server is crucial and a life saver for businesses. There are umpteen possibilities of the website getting deleted due to some unforeseen reasons. It is more than a nightmare and you end up having to start all over again from scratch. Website backups helps the client to get back online instantly even after a disaster saving them huge losses in the form of customers and of course income. Cloud is an ideal backup solution as the data is getting bigger and bigger. It allows daily backups and offers backup to the changes made later on storing both the original version and the edited version.


Does Website Need Backup?

Backup is crucial for websites, given their data is of utmost importance and can jeopardize security. Plus, websites regularly undergo updates. Though these updates are tested before rolling out, most bugs manifest themselves only when tested extensively. So, websites frequently need to restore content to last-known restore point.


How do I Backup my Entire Website?

Remember it is not your web host’s responsibility to make all the backup available to you. In this regards, you are left to figure that out on your own.


So, here is a Quick Tip on How to Backup Your Website Before You Realize It is Too Late to do so.

- Manual Backups: perhaps the most sought-after option in the backup industry. There is no way to know which files have been changed; you need to download and backup the entire files. This process is the slowest of all.

- cPanel Backup: this is, without doubt, the easiest way to backup your files. All you need to do is login to your cPanel account and select generate a full backup option. Select home directory as your destination.

- Cloud Backup: this is the most convenient way to create backups. You can simply select what files you want to move to your cloud account and leave the remaining untouched. The cloud server will know what files you have moved and when. When needed, you can restore the version of a file that corresponds to a given date.


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