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Protect Your Server

Hosting Terminologies Everyone Should Know

Otherwise a pretty small technology, hosting has more jargons than all of the IT technologies combined. From dedicated server to VPS, cloud computing to bandwidth, hosting is riddled with terminologies that make it sound like a language of aliens. Right when you thought hosting cannot get trickier, we leapt in for your help. So, here Read more>>


A comprehensive guide to VPS Hosting Server

What is meant by Virtual Private Server hosting? VPS or say virtual private server or it can also be referred to as a virtual server. Fully managed VPS Hosting is technically a hosting solution for various websites as well as applications. These server resources are separated for specific customers. Go4hosting as a leading VPS hosting Read more>>

Dedicated Servers

Essential Aspects of Migrating to Dedicated Server from VPS

Website owners need to think of moving to a higher category of hosting to ensure the smooth running of the website for ensuring seamless business continuity. This usually happens when a website has to handle higher volumes of traffic that cannot be supported by growing resources in VPS hosting. Key factors that influence switching to Read more>>