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A comprehensive guide to VPS Hosting Server

What is meant by Virtual Private Server hosting?

VPS or say virtual private server or it can also be referred to as a virtual server. Fully managed VPS Hosting is technically a hosting solution for various websites as well as applications. These server resources are separated for specific customers. Go4hosting as a leading VPS hosting provider and provides persistent performance that translates to highly flexible and quicker websites.

Why clients should opt for Virtual Private Servers for their business?

Virtual Private Server hosting falls between the junctions of web hosting as well as dedicated servers. Virtual Private Server is a secluded model with several dedicated resources that implies customers have extra operating power and the concerned site loads more rapidly. Virtual Private Server is ideally fit for all the applications which have recurrent traffic or RAM/CPU-driven applications. If clients are creating the latest application which possesses a complicated database and they are not pretty sure about the visits they can attain, Virtual Private Server hosting is a reasonable feature, to begin with, once they update to a respective dedicated server.

Experience the best Windows VPS Hosting service with us

  • We have the desired resources which are dedicated to clients.
    Each and every VPS Hosting Plan assigns resources which merely their website will utilize. This implies to unparalleled power, lower latency as well as peak performance.
  • We provide simple Setup and Management
    Performance is not much of a deal if the setup has been tough. Our customized control panel is easy but robust. Customers will get their sites in just a few minutes.
  • We provide enhanced Virtual Servers
    As the customer’s business rises, they can have faith that their host can rise with the customer. We enable updates RAM and storage in just a few seconds.
  • We provide the complete Package
    Customers just have to pay once and use it. Services are provided with all Virtual Private Server plans which are SSDs, 1 click SSL, email, privacy, unlimited domains and several robust options.
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Understanding the difference- Shared hosting and Virtual Private Server hosting

Three major things are involved when differences regarding shared and VPS Hosting are concerned which are resources, performance and price.

  • Resources: Easy and clear, in shared hosting, sharing of a server is done with various websites, where Virtual Private Server hosting offers server resources committed to them.
  • Pricing: Shared hosting is typically affordable since resources are distributed with several customers. Virtual Servers on the contrary, usually have lesser websites, however, are extremely costly.
  • Performance: The biggest reason several clients select Virtual Private Server in comparison to shared hosting is due to its performance. The concerned website or the application has loads of resource requirements and they have a greater hope of performance. Virtual Private Server-driven websites, if managed rightly, are highly quicker and flexible as well.

Substantial components for quicker performance

Additional Network

With absolutely zero points of failure, the additional network can offer persistent strength and durability when they have a significant timeline. Client’s server is usually available anytime clients require it.

Comprehensive Monitoring of System

Fully managed Linux VPS entails real-time performance monitoring to assure their server is usually getting executed ideally. Our experts are consistently monitoring such that they don’t need to.

Immediate Scalability

We will combine their Virtual Private Server or reduce it at any instant of time is hardly a few seconds. It is quick, easy, and it even provides customers with the needed management they wish.

Required Backups

Customers will receive regular needed backups. In addition to this, maintain and manage their own detention periods.

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Industrial Hardware

We outline their server management with highly efficient technology. Our model is ideal and flexible from top to bottom.

Virtual Private Server Hosting based Uses


Clients can simply launch a ‘traffic-ready’ eCommerce-driven site. They can even install Magento, Prestashop and OpenCart, with just a click.

Numerous sites

Host several sites without influencing the response time of any specific customer, due to the insulated environment.

Web or database server

No matter it is MySQL database, Apache Web server or Linux our Virtual Private Server allows the customer to configure up a web/database server immediately.

Email server

Configure up and completely manage the email server. Execute infinite mailboxes as well as addresses for the business along with potential clients.

Test environments

Check for test servers immediately globally to verify for the response times of the concerned applications or the site.

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