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Significant Advantages of Virtual Private Server VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Servers are consistently being sought after by more and more enterprises. There is a steady growth in number of VPS users over the recent past. We can attribute the growing VPS hosting tend to several factors.


Brief Understanding of VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server is built by partitioning of a standalone physical server. It runs with its own operating system, bandwidth, and disk space. VPS server resembles a dedicated server in multiple aspects and user can reboot the VPS server, install applications of their choice, or choose an operating system to suit their needs. VPS empowers users with a free control panel that facilitates viewing of server information, bandwidth consumption, graphic stats and lot more.

The most striking aspects of VPS hosing is the use of virtualization technology for enhancement of overall performance and functionalities of the Virtual Private Server hosting solution. Environment conscious enterprises are attracted to VPS due to its low carbon footprint while organizations that are on a fast-track of growth are able to leverage its rapid scalability and flexibility.

Enhanced Dependability and Stability

In terms of all basic needs of web hosting, VPS hosting is fast emerging as the most viable alternative to shared hosting. It is found that companies tend to prefer VPS hosting as an entry level option to shared hosting, which is declining in overall popularity.

The down slide of shared hosting can be mainly attributed to overselling activities of web hosting service providers, who tend to cram shared hosting accounts to such an extent that every single account is severely affected due to resource crunch and the resultant downtime.

In addition to the overselling, shared hosting accounts are perpetually exposed to activities of other neighboring accounts. Over-utilization of resources by other accounts in shared hosting environment is bound to impact performance and up-time of other websites. Even a mischievous activity of a single account can lead to a server crash resulting in business loss of other websites in a shared hosting scenario.

Superior Control

If you are engaged in online business activity, then it is better to avoid shared hosting due such issues. In contrast, VPS hosting account enjoys an isolated existence and does not suffer due to unwelcome activities of noisy neighbors as in case of shared hosting.

Unlike shared hosting, users are able to exercise far greater control with availability of complete root access for installation custom applications. This feature is not at all available for users of shared hosting since it is significantly optimized for security and hence does not permit installation of a plethora of poplar applications.

Optimum resource utilization and environment friendly

If you want to contribute your share to safeguard environment by using green hosting, then a VPS hosting is the way to go. It helps you minimize your carbon footprint significantly. This is due to the fact that you are sharing resource of a single physical server unlike a dedicated hosting solution that requires every single account to use resources of a single physical server.

Since there are hundreds of accounts in the multi-tenant environment of VPS server, individual power consumption is considerably minimized leading to massive reduction in overall power consumption.

On demand scalability

If you are running a business website then your site is bound to grow in terms of number of hits per day and also more number of concurrent hits. In addition to this there are peak time spikes that can be highly challenging.

This can lead to stressful situations as far as the availability of resources is concerned. Resource scalability is an important feature of VPS server hosting that allows scaling up or scaling down of resources as per the situation.

VPS hosting is related to an environment of a container that is allocated with specific amount of resources as per the selected hosting plan. The important feature of these containers is that they can be provisioned with additional resources as per the demand fluctuations.

This implies that you are at liberty to upgrade your RAM to accommodate the expected traffic spike by way of a single click of the button. The speed of upward scaling makes sure that your business availability is never compromised due to downtime and resource crunch.

Cost efficient VPS hosting for SMEs

Startups and SMEs are forced to operate on tight budgets. Thanks to extensive use of VPS hosting, it has now become extremely affordable for small websites that are about to make their presence felt in World Wide Web. Such entry level websites can use VPS hosting by availing a down to earth plan that may cost as little as $10 a month. You will agree that this is the price of many a shared web hosting plan.

In Conclusion

VPS hosting can be your long term hosting solution due to flexibility and scalability factors. The most vital aspect of VPS hosting is the choice of an established hosting service provider. You can hope to avail wide ranging benefits including use of Plesk or cPanel, reliable server upgrades, customized configurations, and much more.

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