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Attributes of Drupal that Support Creation of Fascinating Blog Content

There are several factors that impact buying decisions through quality content generation. Significance of engaging content for enhanced brand recognition, better website traffic, high rates of conversion and more leads is established beyond any doubt. Drupal can empower your content with support of state of the art modules.

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Role of content to engage readers

Blogging has tremendous potential to generate more than 97 per cent of inbound links and improve volume of visitors by more than 50 percent. In order to augment these and many more attributes of good content, there are multiple resources that can help you create compelling content for driving relevant prospects to your website.

In the light of this discussion it would be apt to focus on Leading Drupal hosting Provider modules that enable creation of engaging content. While it is a well accepted fact that businesses need to generate creative and informative content in order to attract desired traffic to their websites, we need to ensure that readers are also provided with user friendly navigation and intuitive tools for online effectiveness of content.

These are essentially engagement tools and are designed to keep your readers glued to your content and help them access the information being searched by them. We list some of the most important features of a great blog:

1. It should be well-written and extremely easy to understand
2. It needs to be supported by tools for enabling engagement
3. It should be able to provide resources and other articles to readers

Facilitating readers to get what they are looking for

Readers should not be made to relentlessly search for the right blog. Usually there are thousands of blog in a given resource and readers need to be provided with intuitive search options to browse by subject, authors, dates, areas of interest, or categories. In the same context, you may also offer a short sample of content to facilitate users instantly find what they are looking for.

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Module for content organization

Blogs can be arranged in form of drop-down categories on main page itself. It is recommended to offer an organized appearance or format to help readers quickly access the required content. The aim should always be to make readers spend more time reading your content rather than engage them in endless searching for the content.

Drupal helps obviate manual specification of path aliases and facilitates use of PathAuto module for automated generation of URL and Path aliases for wide range of content including taxonomy, users, terms, and nodes. PathAuto module not only provides readers with vital context clues but also helps you save valuable time and efforts by automated assigning of ULs post page creation.

Create vocabularies with Taxonomy Module

Drupal offers out of box functionality of Taxonomy core for creation of vocabularies to specify terms with help of every vocabulary. This can further be used to tag content. It is very easy to associate each blog on your site with particular taxonomy terms to help readers find them without wasting time.

You can build a vocabulary such as blog Categories, to which terms including marketing, business, or analytics can be added to vocabularies. By tagging every blog post with relevant terms you can help readers instantly locate content with ease.

Popular Views Module

View Model is also used by other modules and enjoys remarkable popularity due to its ability to efficiently display content by filtering according to multiple elements such as date, subject, author, subject, content type, and more. Popular Views is a robust module that also facilitates other modules including Blocker and Display Suite for creation of engaging page layouts.

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Empower blogs with engagement features

There are multiple ways to boost readers’ engagement while they are reading your blogs these include digesting, sharing on social platforms, subscribing and much more. These engagement options enable readers to interact with your blogs instead of just reading passively. It is a natural human tendency to react to blog posts by sharing, commenting, liking, subscribing, and so forth.

By providing engagement tools to your readers, you are empowering them to voice their feelings about blog and the end result is enhanced dwelling time to improve your SEO. These tools also help promote your blogs and website on Internet. Every action of readers has a vast potential to generate fresh opportunities for more conversions as well as traffic.

Modules for improving engagement

Even though Commenting Module is available as an out of the box feature with Drupal, you should try Disqus commenting engine. It enables readers to comment on your blogs with ease and offers seamless integration with Drupal.

It is being used by millions of websites and offers no entry restrictions. Readers feel at home with the commenting engine due to enhanced familiarity and past experience of using it.

Module for Social Media

Social media offers exponential potential to promote your blog across Internet. This robust medium can make your content go places by leveraging on vast social networking of readers. The module enables ease of integration of your website with multiple social platforms such as Google plus, Twitter, facebook, to name a few.

Engage readers with additional articles and more

Reader engagement can be effectively enhanced by providing them with additional article via internal inks and relevant recommendations that are able to add value to your content.

Improving site engagement

There are very useful modules to improve visitors’ dwelling time on your sites. Similar Entries is one such module that offers useful list of links to identical content. These links can be displayed as part of custom views or standard blocks. Additionally, you can also explore Radioactivity module to integrate views for creation of views.

Thanks to amazing flexibility of Drupal , users can leverage a plethora of modules to improve engagement attributes of their content and eventually enhance search engine ranking.

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