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Why Businesses Should Consider Go4hosting’s Colocation Hosting Service

For most clients, running a data center is expensive and labor-intensive. When architecting and managing your own data center becomes an affliction and financial strain, colocation hosting is considered a simpler and budget-friendly alternative.

Colocation, which is often linked to the most re-iterated word in the business landscape –“economies of scale” is largely being considered by organizations, these days, to transform their IT infrastructure model from an on premise model to the hybrid. In this hosting model, clients lease space and have access to multiple network connectivity alternatives, conditioned power, cooling, and a suite of other services in their data center facility. This logically cuts off the perils and hassles that come with managing and maintaining dedicated in-house servers.

Analyzing the value of colocation, smart companies are teaming up with a superior colocation hosting providers, having a good market rapport, offering comprehensive data center services.

The global Colocation Market Is Expected to Be Worth $36 Billion By the End of Year 2017.

—     451 Research

Security Concern: Let’s Face the Reality 

Among all business kinds, security is one of the major concerns and, apparently, a leading driving force behind nurturing impetus in enterprises to make it a part of their IT strategy. For them, protecting their servers against irking circumstances is top-priority. As Colocation facility differs from the in-house corporate environment, security requirements are high and the processes are better streamlined. Most entrepreneurs are assured by simply housing their IT assets in a professional facility, but this actually is not a sage decision.

You should be aware of the responsibilities shouldered by your chosen partner and where your job begins. For instance, service providers manage firewall, but it is all at your discretion to determine how it is going to protect your servers. To be precise, you can’t overlook this critical aspect just because you have made a sagacious decision of hosting your servers, rather you are required to enforce a robust security strategy for your IT environment.

For doing this, you need to have access to right hands who can chart out an unbeatable strategy in compliance with your business demands. There are two ways – you can assign this job to your internal IT professionals who are well-acquainted with specialized security skills, or you can select a managed security service provider.

Why Make Clients to Bank on Go4hosting? 

Go4hosting is a trusted data center service provider, serving businesses since decades. The company has accessed many data center security certifications such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ANSI/TIA-942 that stand as a testament to its promise of ensuring the best-in-class security for businesses. Read below to understand what makes us stand standalone over others:

Go4hosting has a cadre of IT professionals in-house to manage the security of your colocation environment:

Chart Out a Security Strategy:

The company employs security professionals with wide experience across industries. Their prolific work experience makes them capable of understanding different environments and potential risks that the organization may encounter, allowing them to configure solutions that confirm highest security.

Colocation Facility

Execute the Security Strategy:

After properly understanding the business priorities, a security program is executed by professionals. These IT experts bring the plan into action and are in charge of keeping the implemented security in operations.

Manage the Security Strategy:

The job doesn’t end with just creation and implementation of security program, rather it goes beyond. The company’s talented IT workforce handles everything – from patching software applications to deploying network intrusion detection and from performing real-time log flow analysis to configuring outclass firewall protection.

Proactive Monitoring & Transparency:

It is crucial to have the right tools and capabilities in place to track the processes put in place. The company owns leading-edge monitoring systems and professionals to perform proactive monitoring, so that if any nuisance arrives, it can be addressed immediately before it turns into big problem.

Scheduled Auditing & Testing:  

Every business is different, and so are their security needs. So, it is important to test the potential of the implemented security strategies and ensure its relevance with current business structure. The company performs audits on a quarterly/annual basis to ensure the existing security program runs fine and is away from all probable glitches.

Disaster Recovery Strategy:

Putting a cork on environment calamities is under no one’s control, however having robust disaster recovery strategy can help mitigate the effect of such events. The company has outclassed, well-documented disaster recovery strategies that are tried and tested time to time to keep up with changing scenarios.

Apart from confirming the highest security for your colocation environment, Go4hosting offers:

24*7 Support:  The company provides the clients’ 24*7*365 access to our expert technical staff. It provides real-time, round the clock support available across different time-zones.

Guaranteed Uptime: Managed colocation hosting service is supported by strict 99.95% network uptime service level agreement that states that your business will stay available and accessible to your end-users with no less than the given percentage.

Besides, access to multiple high-speed telecommunication networks is available to select from.

Outclass Data Center Facilities: The company allows clients to select from 19-23-inch cabinets and dedicated colocation suites to keep their servers. In addition to this, automated and manual data backups are performed on a daily basis.

State-of-the-art Cooling Systems: Robust cooling systems, including high-end HVAC systems, keep colocation facility at a consistent 72-degree Fahrenheit air temperature and at a humidity level of 45%.

Colocation hosting model will serve as a wise alternative that is perceived to resolve infrastructure conundrum for both growing and startup clients that lack space and resources for a data center. Not to mention, this super-degree option helps clients to manage their critical data prudently, freeing up time and resources, so that they can work on strategic areas of their business.

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