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Dedicated Live Video and Game Streaming Server Hosting is on Boom-Get to Know Why?

Have you ever thought about how live video streaming services are managed? Live video streaming services have gained popularity lately and have been on the increasing demand. To understand this market in detail first let’s gets an idea that what are live video streaming services?

What are Live Video Streaming Services?

video streaming services

There were times when websites were just powered by simple pages and text. If there were images then there were very limited of them. But as per the increased demands and easy availability of internet services, websites can stream high-definition movies or even make video calls as and when required.

The word streaming means the seamless and uninterrupted transmission and delivery of audio and video files either from server to client or vice versa. It has inherited its name from the word “stream” wherein water flows non-stop. This all is possible due to the magical technology streaming is. Think of streaming as watching TV or any other entertainment through internet-connected devices.

People generally get confused between streaming and downloading. The basic difference between streaming and downloading is that streaming is real-time while downloading is not. Downloading saves a copy of the file in your local storage as well. But the problem with downloading is that you will be able to enjoy that piece of video only when once the whole file gets downloaded in your local storage or hard disk space. On the other hand in streaming, vide plays without saving it anywhere locally. The data is continuously retrieved through the account of the user.

The platforms that allow you to record and broadcast audios are the live video streaming services. The demand for these video streaming services is on the rise since there has been a rise in the multiplayer video gaming trends. Services like these demand ultra-fast transporting data as compared to normal TCP/IP that speaks more of reliability.


Terms Related to Video Streaming Services-

User Datagram Protocol (UDP)-

UDP/IP is the internet protocol that does not sends messages back and forth while transmitting data. For streaming services, speed if much more important than reliability. And as UDP focuses more on the speed part, therefore, streaming services make use of UDP as its internet protocol. UDP focuses more on the delivery of the services without interfering in the reliability factor.


Buffering is a term that we hear very commonly but never got into its real meaning. So when streaming services is a real time video delivery service, there might arise times when the internet speed gets interrupted. Hence, in most of the streaming services the video is played before hand so that there is no case of latency. Due to this feature of the streaming services people get to experience smooth and continuous video streaming.

DCL or DOMContentLoaded- 

It is a web page performance metric system wherein it measures the time when the browser is ready to implement any scripting that is required on the client side. So basically it refers to the time when the loading of a web page takes place.

FCP(First Contentful Paint)-

It is also one of those performance metric that measures the point in time when the first content from DOM is rendered. This HTML element can be text, image or any other user recognized format.

SEO Strategy-

Performance of any website very much depends on the SEO strategy that further depends on the DCL and FCP.

Now as you have got a good idea about what video streaming services are and what are the important assets that are necessary to perform video streaming. But why all of this was required in the first place?

The changing nature of TV made everyone understand how streaming video is changing what consumers think of TV. According to multiple types of research done lately, it has been revealed that consumer viewing habits and highlights that are important f delivering high-performance user experience. Gaining user engagement is the topmost priority for all the streaming providers as it would be the least they can provide after spending such humungous investment. Thus, these world-class video streaming platforms need to invest in one of the best available content delivery networks(CDNs) across the globe. This needs a top-notch live video streaming server hosting.

Any kind of good audio or video content is finalized after hours of attempts and hard work. To enjoy this significant level of content delivery, dedicated server hosting is the best possible out of all hosting services.

History of Video Streaming Servers

History of video streaming servers

History for video streaming platforms was not smooth but was all too complex. There were so many additional instruments required apart from broadcasters i.e. encoders, transcoders, networks, web servers, CDNs, and web players. Aligning them all together to show up online all the content was a bit of a task then. Hence, all this was being managed through software encoding then. But whatever came could not lessen the hefty work and also was not able to improve the results. Not only this, the cost at which it comes at was expensive even for mid-sized organizations and then also was not able to mitigate the complexity.

Extraordinary Change

As cloud computing transformed every business around and so did it to the live video streaming services. The way videos are being transferred, delivered and present have been completely evolved. The reliability improved to the next level by consolidating the processes to an end-to-end platform. This made live video streaming easily accessible irrespective of all class or affordability.

Why Dedicated Server Most Suitable for Video Streaming?

dedicated server most suitable for video streaming

While subscribing to a video streaming platform, the thing you would expect the least would be lag or poor video quality. Collaborating with a reliable host will save you from all those problems. A perfect web host supports high bandwidth and processing capabilities. Although most of the video streaming servers promise to cater to the before-mentioned features but at the time of service most of them fail to abide by their promises. But these video streaming platforms cannot perform any magic, they need a suitable live video streaming server hosting. Here are the reasons why-

  • Handles live streaming platforms with high bandwidth.
  • Dedicated live streaming servers have better processing powers than other hosting servers that are essential for video streaming.
  • High server speed is an added advantage
  • Reduced latency that brings better user experience in the case of gaming servers
  • No delays or issues that could affect or hamper the work

Dedicated Server Hosting for Game Streaming

Game Streaming

Dedicated server hosting is a matter of profit for both the video game designers and companies who host such platforms. All the gamers ask for one simple thing lag-free gaming experience. But providing a lag-free gaming experience is not as easy as it sounds. But it is possible with dedicated server hosting. Playing online games limitlessly with desired performance and stability is what all gamer dreams of. To obtain all these qualities all in one gaming platform needs one of the best-dedicated servers hosting. Let’s see one by one what miracles it brought in the gaming field-

Dedicated gaming server architecture

  1. Stupendous Gaming Experience– Improving gaming experience is all in the hands of bandwidth of the game server. Dedicated server hosting are known for their bandwidth and thus delivers the exact gaming experience that any gamer would have ever desired.
  2. Zero Downtime– It would sound exaggerated to you that dedicated game servers cater zero downtime, but it’s a fact. Dedicated game servers are the most efficient and robust when it comes to meet the market demands.
  3. Optimized Protection– DDoS attacks is something that all the game fear of. With dedicated gaming server’s protection is optimized and attack is something which they will have to experience the last.
  4. Raw Power– The generation goes gaga about raw power of gaming. The architecture with which dedicated game servers are build can be seen reflected in its performance. Helps in harnessing full capacity of the processors. Full provision for water cooling as these servers gets heated up a lot and further effects the performance of the servers. All this has resulted in 30% higher performance as compared to what we used to get through old-gen gaming architecture.

Dedicated Server More Like A Hard Drive-

Dedicated server more like a hard drive

Streaming servers that are dedicated servers are pretty much similar to a hard drive. Hence, it can integrate all software that can be delivered seamlessly across the internet. Thus, dedicated servers make the process of video traveling from one device to another. The handiness of streaming servers makes it being prescribed for various other businesses as well. E.g. online music delivery stations, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., these all leading video and audio streaming platforms are the witness for the success for dedicated servers. This is the time wherein dedicated servers are not just an option for the online video streaming platforms but a necessity to fulfill the requirements in quantity as well as quality. Now no matter what may be the demands for video streaming, when supply is managed through dedicated servers, there is nothing much to worry about.

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