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Colocation Hosting or Dedicated Hosting: which is better for you?

The terms colocation hosting and dedicated hosting are often used interchangeably, although there are quite a few differences between these two. They are also likely to confuse people who do not know what these two types of hosting plans offer. They are especially confusing for businesses which are planning to upgrade their hosting from shared or VPS hosting and are not sure whether to choose dedicated or colocation hosting.

What are the Key Differences Between Colocation and Dedicated Hosting?

– The main difference lies in the fact that clients which choose colocation hosting services can place their servers in a third party rack space whereas clients opting for dedicated hosting can lease a whole server placed in a remote data center. So, businesses using dedicated hosting will have the server for their exclusive use and they do not need to share the data center facility with any other business. In comparison, those choosing colocation hosting will have to share the facility and other services with various colocation hosting subscribers.
inside– Another key point of distinction between these two types of hosting solutions is that in colocation, you will own your servers and you have complete control in choosing the operating system. In dedicated hosting however, the provider will own the hardware and have full control over the choice of operating system; you must also pay to upgrade the machines.

– When you choose colocation hosting for your business, you can rent rack space from a colocation host. You place your server in its rack space and you can use its bandwidth, security, power supplies, cooling systems, and technical supports for your business against a fee. When you sign up for dedicated hosting, you can rent the entire server for your needs. You have full control over the hardware and the host will look after server maintenance and security if you choose managed hosting plans.

– In a colocation system, you can have complete peace of mind because the host will monitor the server continuously and offer you round-the-clock supports. The advanced HVAC systems will also ensure optimal server functioning and the hardware is well protected at all times from sudden outage and unexpected calamities.

There are many similarities between colocation hosting services and dedicated hosting too. When you have colocation plans, you can get full security coverage from your provider. The data will be protected both inside and outside as there are experience professionals deploying effective firewalls and spyware, data encryption methods for keeping data secure. As far as outside security is concerned, there will be constant surveillance by security personnel and records of those entering and leaving the facility are recorded and monitored 24×7. In dedicated hosting you can get hardware redundancy options which can eliminate risks of server crashes and failures. Since you do not have to share the server resources with others, you can also enjoy a very high uptime and security.

For any business, enjoying stable network connectivity is very vital. With colocation this is never a problem because you have access to many networks so that there is constant connectivity. Whenever there is a loss of connectivity, you could end up losing viewers and business. Even dedicated hosting can help you enjoy high stability and reliability. Unlike in shared hosting, you will never have to share the resources with others. You enjoy total control over resource allocation and you can decide which scripts and applications to run. However, the truth is that many dedicated hosting service providers offer poor end equipments which are not supported by any SLA. They also offer unmanaged plans where you will have to manage servers and troubleshoot problems. This means that when you added support, you will have to pay for it. So, businesses which are hosting many sites can benefit from a dedicated server. When you and your customers want a high uptime guarantee, colocation hosting is the right choice.

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