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Offsite Data Backup for Assured Business Growth through Data Integrity

Stability and business continuity is a highly essential feature while looking for measures to secure business. This calls for adoption of remote backup solutions that guarantee safe storage of business data at a different location for its prompt recovery in a crisis period. In absence of such remote backup solution, your business may face devastation in the event of a disaster.

Significance of a Backup Solution

Location of your data storage is an important attribute of ability of your business to steer clear of any unexpected event such as an outage due to a natural or manmade disaster. Conventional practice of storing business critical information at on-premise infrastructure has lead to innumerable instances of data intrusion by hackers.

There is always a lurking danger of a disaster that may destroy all hardware equipment including the storage devices if no provision for an off-site data backup is made. Hackers can easily break the limited security measures of an on-site data storage facility. Vulnerability of on-premise cloud storage solutions makes it necessary to leverage a remote data storage service for maintaining data integrity in the event of outages.

The very nature of your business defines the kind of data storage solutions you need to adopt. If you are handling health or finance related data of clients, then an off-site data storage resource is an absolute necessity. Many organizations such as those dealing in online payment processing must adopt stringent security measures to protect transaction related data, personal credentials of customers, and so forth.

If you are engaged in a business that must regularly update and maintain health records of customers, then a single event of data breach can prove to be a major crisis with prospects of lengthy legal procedures in addition to loss of reputation.

Unique Advantages of Remote Data Storage

There are many benefits of storing data at remote facility on a regular basis. Reputed service providers are capable of providing highly dependable storage solutions for protecting digital assets of your business. Data backup can be regularly performed at scheduled intervals for maintaining updated files of critical transactions, emails, and other data files.

Backup files can be instantly recovered in the event of any disaster for assured business continuity. Although, a remote data backup activity may appear to be complex, it is actually as simple as clicking few buttons. The initial setting of backup schedule can be performed by any IT expert and thereafter the backup will occur automatically.

Automated backup solutions help eliminate manual work and thus reduce need for engaging manpower resource. Since the backup is performed at scheduled time intervals, you can continue to focus on business expansion without worrying about loss of business data. Established backup service providers make sure that clients’ data is stored securely in top tiered data center facilities that have fortress level security measures to thwart intrusion attempts.

In addition to an impressive array of physical security measures such as continuous monitoring, round the clock presence of armed guards, impregnable outer peripheral walls, and advanced access-control devices, the storage providers provide seamless network security.

High end encryption tools make sure that access restriction is available for software as well as hardware components of storage systems. Cost efficiency is a valuable benefit of remote data backup systems because the service provider is responsible for purchasing equipment, bandwidth, security devices, and for making arrangements for continuous power supply.

Some of the industry sectors are need to follow compliance restrictions that may necessitate secure backup policies. Healthcare industry, legal service providers, banking and insurance sector, payment processing portals of ecommerce businesses, and enforcement agencies are some examples of such sectors.

Considerable amount of costs and technical expertise is required for running on-premise storage and backup infrastructure. Moreover, these systems need round the clock monitoring and frequent maintenance for their flawless performance. Storing all important data in an on-site environment exposes the business to the possibility of data theft in the absence of advanced security measures.


Managed cloud backup services help businesses grow without any hassles of managing data with assurance of cost efficiency. Leading service providers of this domain are known to provide scalable storage systems to help growing enterprises store huge volumes of data with continuous updating facilities.

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