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Smart Applications for Your Linux Server

Hosting providers across the globe employ enormous data centers powered by Linux servers. These hosting services are utilized by enterprises so that they can focus on vital business goals. In case you are planning to hire a Linux dedicated server hosting provider, the information present here will be useful. But before you read this blog, let me tell you that products and applications that run on Linux usually come free-of-cost.

Now, we will read about a few key tools which can revamp your Linux dedicated server’s routine. These tools are basically server side applications which boost the host’s performance to a great extent.

GRUB: It is a boot loader application that has been released under the GNU project. It enables your computer to use 2 operating systems on one machine. With its help, you can choose an OS of your choice during the first booting cycle. So the idea is that GRUB enables a multi-boot specification that suits your business needs.

In case GRUB is installed on your Linux dedicated server, you can pass boot time parameters directly to the kernel; you can also select numerous images of the kernel on a single OS.

Providers generally assist companies to install the GRUB boot loader atop their server.

TCP Wrapper: It is a free tool that is readily available on the internet. It is like a firewall for your Linux based server because every incoming packet is continuously monitored by the TCP Wrapper application.

Hacking attacks on a Linux sever are ducked by the TCP Wrapper. This tool checks all external sources to ensure that they are authorized to connect your Linux server. In case of an unauthorized attempt, login permission is denied on the application.

Zend Optimizer: It is a free runtime application which enables PHPs to run Zend Guard encoded scripts. Those who want to run encoded tools can download it for free.

It comprises of the Zend Encoder and the Zend Guard which encrypt specific files.
Zend optimizer supports PHP applications which decrypt and run apps on the fly. Hence you enjoy an enhanced runtime performance.

Now that you know all about 3 useful tools for a Linux dedicated server, make use of them through your hosting provider and maximize your limitations with an enhanced security model.

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