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Rationale for Migrating to Drupal from WordPress Hosting

Internet is loaded with posts that confirm superiority of one CMS over other in the most convincing tone. You will come across innumerable articles that talk about Joomla or Drupal or WordPress hosting in terms one being better than the other.

Comparing one CMS with another is not fair because every tool has its own place as far as usability in different situations is concerned. Every single CMS application is designed to serve exclusively different needs and hence there is hardly any point in comparing between these.


Instead of making general statements about any CMS application, it would be great to mention the criteria or attributes of different applications as qualifying conditions while evaluating them.

We come across many individuals who need to migrate from WordPress hosting to Drupal hosting or to some other CMS for that matter. It only goes to underline importance of a given CMS in specific situations. The need for migration is felt because the present CMS may not fulfill the changing needs of website.

Strengths and weaknesses of WordPress

In terms of popularity among bloggers, WordPress undoubtedly ranks the highest in comparison with any other CMS. WordPress hosting is therefore highly sought after because of ease of installing WP CMS and its several user friendly features. Blogging oriented WP Content Management System is the most respected CMS due to many reasons.

Following are the striking advantages of WordPress CMS. It is one of the very first CMS options that were available exclusively for bloggers. It offered a user friendly installation process and presented itself as the most ideal CMS that guaranteed users swift installation so that their blog, complete with images as well as tags, was up and running within matter of minutes.

This initial joy of launching one’s own blog can be multiplied with availability of plugins and themes for extending functionalities to create a dedicated blog or a content website. However, one cannot be satisfied with running a blog site for the rest of life and he or she may need to grow out and feel the need to launch something bigger such as a forum or store.

Getting stuck with WordPress can limit your scope to grow into a larger and multifaceted web presence.

Drupal is for flexibility and change

Drupal CMS believes that change is the only constant and it has been designed accordingly. It offers users much more than a blogging platform. Although it does require a technical help if you are not technically sound.

Drupal hosting does not take it for granted that its users expect it only to be blogging software. Therefore it simply assumes that you need to build something by integrating an array of content and have a constant need for additional features in terms of modules, plugins, extensions, and themes to name just a few.

Drupal lacks the fascinating first impression of WordPress hosting and may appear to be an overwhelming script to some of the folks. However, once you are able to learn it by adapting to it’s rather steep learning curve, you will be able to exploit it for building anything, thanks to its super flexibility and effortless ability for adding extensions.

Significance of migrating to Drupal

One need not decide to migrate to Drupal only to use it for blogging assignments. Drupal is basically sought after for using it for doing much more than plain blogging. Just have a look at Drupal sites and its vast arsenal of modules to appreciate its unlimited ability to help you build anything that you wish for. Primary reason for migrating to Drupal from WordPress hosting is to enhance one’s ability to create complex and demanding web projects that are more than plain blogging sites.

It is no wonder that Drupal is powering billions of sites across the globe and some of the sites backed by Drupal are the world’s most impressive ones including Stanford University, World Economic Forum and of course the most coveted

Drupal has been providing developers with a superior CMS option to WordPress as far as simplicity and speed are concerned. You can explore Drupal Gardens for exporting the Drupal site anytime, lock stock and barrel and put it on your own Drupal installation. Drupal excels at enterprises level and has been generating a plethora of opportunities for artists, developers, and designers. Drupal adoption is steadily on the rise, no wonder there is an amazing demand for Drupal talent.


Drupal is a power-packed CMS that empowers developers with tools to create complex websites. If you need to build demanding websites that handle diverse and huge volumes of enterprise data, then Drupal is the most rational CMS.

It does require commitment of technical support personnel but it surely is getting easier to use with every new release. Ideal use cases of Drupal could be large forum or e-commerce sites, government organizations and so forth.

Ultimately, choice of a CMS is solely driven by objectives, requirements, and goals of a particular website. Drupal is a clear winner for building complex and highly demanding sites that need a lot of customizability and scalability. WordPress hosting continues to be a good option for not-so-technical folks for building simple blog sites.

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