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4 Things Your VPS Could Do Besides Hosting Websites

A VPS – virtual private server – is powerful. More powerful than you think. Even though the service isn’t near anywhere as robust as dedicated hosting, it is powerful enough to host multiple sites at once and perform several other functions.

If you have been utilizing your VPS hosting account only to host websites, this blog is for you. We will try to keep our texts crisp and flashy. So buckle up for this short yet informative article that can change the way you use VPS.

  1. Collaborative File Editing

How do you edit documents while working from home? Do you email your files to your colleagues who then re-edit it and email them back to all the people? How inconvenient would that be, and what about the version conflicts arising thereafter.

own cloud server

Well, if you have a virtual private server, you can ease sharing of files among users in real-time. Any edits made anywhere would simultaneously reflect in the original file. Thus, there would be no version conflicts at any point. Moreover, you would not need to share projects over email, this would eventually save you a lot of time.

  1. Video Teleconferences

If you are pretty tired of ZOOM already, it is time that you move to your own teleconference platform.

The coronavirus pandemic forced us to move to new windows and desktop applications that weren’t very reliable and suitable for the operations we needed back then. While the masses flocked to Zoom, those aware of the robustness of VPS hosting setup their own application.

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Zoom servers may sometimes be down or the app itself might be missing on key things that you deem as essential for your business. Rather than depending on third party apps, you can choose to setup a teleconference environ on your virtual private server, thereby decreasing reliance on third-party software and maximizing security.

  1. Media Streaming

When we began working from home, our advertising partner had us upload video segments which he later converted into short video clips. Given the size of these clips, it was next to impossible for us to share these media files via cloud. Since we have our own data center, we chose to assign a server to exclusively store media clips.

Media Streaming

You can eradiate your dependence on YouTube, twitter and Facebook if you have your own VPS hosting. It takes less than an hour to deploy your own ricevkfdfdkfjksfjsd.

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

As budding businesses, we never underuse any resource. If we see any free space on our VPS host, we will deploy more apps or move files from servers that are running short on storage. One of our recent obsessions include moving CRM (customer relationship management) tools for our clients.

Our representatives are in touch with clients and we frequently suggest them to host CRM on their own server, which we gladly do on their behalf, if they are hesitant.

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Having your own project management tool is beneficial in two ways –

  • First it saves you a lot of bucks
  • Second, it makes you more independent by reducing the number of business apps that you outsource to other businesses.
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We, at Go4hosting, have our own CRM and we have had it since day one. More than 60% of our clients have deployed CRM on their VPS hosts (solely on our recommendation).


Have you been using your VPS solely for web server hosting websites? How many of the above 4 things did you know your VPS could do, let us know in the comment section below. Are you in the market for a VPS? We can help. Go4hosting’s VPS hosting has been the safe haven for startups, enterprises, and public sector banks. Let us help you too.

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