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VPS Hosting Servers Better

Why Are VPS Hosting Servers Better Than Shared Hosting

If you are looking forward to starting your online enterprise or you are already having one then you might be aware of the hosting options. Every hosting plan in the market has its advantages and disadvantages. So you have to select one hosting plan that suits your needs. 

The least expensive plans are some of the most popular shared hosting plans with numerous websites sharing a single server. Moreover, the hard drive is large hence it can handle hundreds of websites at once. However, this kind of hosting solution is not suitable for all websites, especially for websites with high traffic. It is not possible to isolate every website from other websites since all the websites are hosted on the same server. This is the major reason why big websites use dedicated servers. For one company only one server.

Between the shared hosting and dedicated hosting, there is one more hosting solution known as a virtual private server. VPS is the short form used for virtual private servers. VPS hosting servers are less expensive as compared to dedicated servers or private servers and offer more freedom than any other hosting solution. It is one of the best hosing options for online growing businesses as compared to shared hosting. Using VPS hosting every web hosting account receives its operating system. Users can easily configure and customize these components without affecting other users on the same physical server. Also, scaling VPS hosting servers is an easy process and it does not affect the performance of the website during the process. So, hosting your website on VPS servers is economical and reliable. These are the few reasons why people who want something in between shared hosting and dedicated hosting go for VPS hosting. 

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Advantages of VPS servers

VPS hosting servers are not suitable for every website owner. Some people want to host a website with low to moderate traffic and they are happy with the features provided by hosting control panels like cPanel or Plesk. These individuals will choose shared hosting because of its simplicity and ease of use They usually do not have any prior experience in Linux system administration and they do not want to pick up any. Others have used shared hosting and they are not happy with the performance of the website then it is time to upgrade to VPS hosting. A good VPS hosting company will help in migration from a shared account to a VPS account without any hassle.

Do I need a VPS plan? If you plan to extend to more products and services then consider a VPS hosting plan even when you are a startup. The price difference between a shared hosting plan and VPS hosting plan is negligible. These are some of the main reasons for using VPS servers:


Shared hosting accounts are dependent on the performance and good behaviour of neighbouring accounts. If one account violates any terms and conditions or does anything wrong then it will impact the performance of all the websites hosted on the server. 

VPS servers have guaranteed resources. It equally distributes the resources among the customers. One client will not use a large number of resources.

All the services on the server will run reliably and smoothly. In case your server has one bad client then it will impact their account but not yours. You will never be affected by the performance of your neighbour as every account is like a separate server on the internet. They will never be able to grab your memory or RAM when you need it and they cannot get your server blacklisted.

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High personalization

VPS hosting servers are very rich in features. They have the same number of features that are offered by a dedicated server. Few applications that require certain ports or protocols can be opened or closed in the firewall. Due to security reasons, one cannot use custom firewall configurations with shared hosting. With VPS servers, custom firewall configurations can be easily used because of the partitioning between the customers.

Using the IPTables feature you can easily close the ports in VPS. Moreover, you have your IP address and root access. You can also reboot your VPS at your desired time without asking anyone. Customization of services like web, mail, database, panels, domains, etc. is also very easy with VPS. The only limitation is that you will not be able to install your kernel. It happens due to the nature and working of VPS.


In shared hosting, you cannot be 100% secure because you are sharing the server with other people as well. If one of the accounts on the shared server is broken then the intruder may cause damage to the whole server. There can a be chance that a spammer can get the system blacklisted with spam organizations, this will impact other accounts that use legit mailings until the server gets whitelisted.

VPS accounts are insulated from each other thus it minimizes the risk of unauthorized access from hackers, spammers, and other customers. The isolation of your account reduces the risk of getting DoS attacks and malware attacks that were intended for someone else.


Virtual private servers are scalable. Whether you need a small allocation for running a simple email server or virtual private network endpoint or webserver with enough resources to support your database applications. Under high traffic, there will be a hosting plan that meets all your requirements. However, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your services as per your need with a small or no downtime.

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Unlimited websites

Another advantage of VPS servers is that you can easily manage a large number of websites. Even if you are running hundreds of websites on a server it will never run into the problems. Server-side software such as Apache Virtual Hosts and similar VPS hosting packages help in assuring access to server assets. However, the prices of VPS hosting plans are higher than shared hosting. 

With multiple websites coming online VPS offers better value for money for the servers with hosting as many websites as you want. While considering VPS plans, pay off the monthly costs over the total number of websites you are creating on it. You can easily observe that VPS monthly costs are way lower than the shared hosting per-site basis.

There might be a little downside to using VPS hosting servers for some people. VPS equals more responsibility. You will be responsible for several software installations, website maintenance, website security, and numerous other responsibilities that come with online business ownership. If you do not know much about the server side administrations then VPS servers may be slightly more than what you want for yourself. It is something that a beginner needs to take care of if they are not familiar with the maintenance of VPS. 


VPS hosting servers are better than shared servers because they are secure and scalable. All the data on the VPS servers are highly secure and do not allow intruders to affect your data. The monthly cost of the VPS servers might be high but in the long term, it is an economical way of hosting the website.

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