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Email Hosting Services

What are the Best Email Hosting Services for Small Business?

Email is the prime medium to communicate inside and outside of the organization for notifying the team and audience about the latest developments occurring in relation to your small business.

 If you are new to business or having it in small size, considering the option for business email services is beneficial as it adds a list of several perks such as professional etiquette, encrypted messages between sender and receiver, bulk emailing with official email addresses, etc.

In case of dilemma, which is the best email hosting for your business type, have a look at details discussed in the given paragraphs to have crisp information about the suited platform as per your business needs, required tools to ease the process and their price.

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G Suite

G Suite

Image Source: SysTools

When starting to give attention to email sharing with team and customers, G suite is one of the easiest mediums to host your email services. Due to ease of operation, the platform is considered as an advanced version of Gmail, to which most of the staff will be already familiar with to have desired outputs.

G Suite lets you combine your email hosting services with your business’s own apps and tools, designed specifically for business use to reach out to the maximum audience in the least steps.

Moreover, the platform is best for hosting the emails if you manage your operations through cloud-based tools as G Suite encapsulates several cloud-based Google apps like Hangout, Calendar,  Drive, Docs, Photos, etc.

With email hosting services like G Suite, you can get the guaranteed storage of 30GB per user (in basic plans), which is further customizable upto unlimited storage (in advanced plans).

Also, G Suite as using the Google tools allows you to configure your business emails from your Gmail account only without switching to multiple tabs.

Free Trial: G Suite doesn’t offer a free trial for email hosting services.

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Cost: G Suite’s Basic Plan starts at $5/month, whereas its Advanced Plan costs $10/month.

Office 365

Office 365

Image source: Taylored Systems

Office 365 is the most suitable platform for hosting the email amidst your employees and clients, especially if your team highly depends on Microsoft-assessed software like Words, Powerpoint, Excel.

Email service providers highly recommend office 365 as an option as it allows business to send and receive emails with customised domain depicting the exact business idea by giving it a genuine professional tag.

Small businesses can easily have business email hosting with Office 365 through Microsoft Exchange which further gives the authority to the team to make the fullest use of tools like Microsoft planner, calendar, team chat along with other Microsoft Office elements like Outlook, Word, Excel, Onenote and various others.

With Office 365 premium plan you will get hands on 50 GB space along with 1TB on Onedrive cloud storage for saving your business-related files and folders.

Free Trails: Office 365 doesn’t offer a free trial for email hosting services.

Cost: Office 365 Business Premium Plan starts at $12.50/month for every user.



Image Source: Compute Host

Zimbra email hosting is an internet-based open-source server that allows business organizations to conduct messaging and emails over the business’s private cloud or outsourced public cloud.

Several email hosting server service providers in India dealing with Zimbra email hosting offers the feasibility to synchronise the operating system with iOS and Windows. Further, the email hosting services let you explore the contact, calendars, and documents through VMware by ensuring cost-effective smooth email communication.

Free Trails: Zimbra offers a free version for email hosting services along with a free trial of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

Cost: Zimbra Collaboration Suite Plan starts at $25/month for every user.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail

Image Source: PCMag

Zoho Mail is the combined version of Office 365 and G Suite that offers the facility of hosting email services with the synchronised facility of managing calendar and contacts side by side.

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Zoho Mail offers affordable options to stream the messages from one person to another without sending long messages with the addition of subject and signature each time, when intended to communicate with people of your small business.

Zoho Mail is available in two categories i.e., free as well as a paid version. With the free version, you can easily access the email services with web-based client service. It allows you to send and receive emails to your colleagues but restricts you to get customized domain service for business accounts.

In order to have the full range of service that gives you the authority to log in as a business account, small businesses can approach email service providers in India for getting the leverage of email hosting services.

Zoho Mail is a convenient option for small businesses that are just stepping up in the field T to take email as a business move that allows the email storage of 5 GB with basic Zoho Mail plans and 30 GB storage per user with higher grades of Zoho Mail plans along with additional features like Zoho office suite and docs cloud storage.

Free Trails: Zoho Mail offers a free version for email hosting services along with a free trial of advanced plans.

Cost: Zoho Mail Plan starts at $3/month for every user.


RackspaceImage Source: Online Help Guide

Rackspace email is a convenient option for businesses that are small in size as it bolsters in managing the email campaign.

This business email hosting platform allows the owner to create filters for sorting their inbox and make it free of spam-free content.

It is often seen that the email hosting services usually come along with the integration of various other tools that make it handy but costly as well. Whereas Rackspace is the complete package of email hosting services that offer facilities to businesses that are interested only in having email hosting to tackle the large amount of emails needed to be circulated among their employees as well as the customers needed to be circulated amidst the employees and customers.

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Rackspace comes in two different variants, the basic plan of Rackspace allows users to enjoy the features of calendars and contacts that are essentially required for managing in males syncing calendar and contact that is essentially required for managing the corporate email hosting. Whereas, the higher plans of Rackspace include the tools for cloud-based storage and chatting with the team.

Rackspace allows the space of 25GB per user with the basic plan that extends up to 30 GB of cloud storage with higher version of hosted email services and 100GB mailboxes with the plan of hosted exchange especially suited with Rackspace email hosting services.

Free Trails: Rackspace Mail offers a free version for email hosting services.

Cost: Rackspace Mail Plan starts at $2/month for every user.

In Conclusion

When managing the email to line up the updates from the employees and customers, the email services get more complex due to threats available over the internet that can degrade the value of information shared at peer’s end. In order to have a solution related to email concerns, the small businesses should get in contact with email service providers that can help them in having the solution to host email in bulk over the renowned mailing server.

Go4hosting, the top service provider for email server hosting in India offers polished results for managing the business email services platforms like Office 365, G Suite, Zimbra and many others. Our top-notch services lets you enjoy mail server packages with negligible spams and a high level of security with end-to-end encrypted mails.

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