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The Go4hosting Advantage for Cloud Servers

In the world of IT (Information Technology), commercial success for a hosting provider lies in the strength of its relationships with its consumers. In the web server hosting industry, relationships are made, and trusts are won in key moments. These relationship-defining moments occur intermittently and transition quickly. Successful hosts leverage the moments that matter, whilst also capitalizing on moments that don’t.

Not all hosts are created equal. Some boast of their service, some of the customer experience that they provide, and others of their transparency, but only a select few of their customer relationship. At Go4hosting, customer relationship comes first; we are at our toes 24/7, truly. The moments that matter to us are the ones that cause our clients to realize that we have kept our promises. At Go4hosting, we strive, for you.

We treat all our customers alike

In the cloud servers industry, customer experience is a major source of competitive differentiation. How you treat your customers, define how customers treat you. ‘Honour begets honour’. We yearn a long term relationship with you, which is why we treat you the same, be it day one or day thousandth.

We have a unified cloud management platform

Our experiences as a consumer outline our work as a business. We went door to door, as consumers, in search of a unified management platform, and created one ourselves when we couldn’t find one. Our cloud servers management platform features an intuitive design, powered by a robust front-end API that makes management easier.

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Scale as you go

Our design, testing and deployment expertise ensure that you gain an enterprise-level infrastructure. Our cloud servers environs will smoothly migrate apps from your current ecosystem. At any moment you feel like scaling or shrinking size of your cloud, we can make it happen. Our flexible EULA (end-user license agreement) ensures you can scale your cloud as and when required.

Your security, our commitment

We have catapulted cloud security to a position of prime importance in our service. We keep a 24/7 watch, extending over 365 days a year, on our data centers and associated systems. Our network has been pragmatically coded with security apps that detect threats as minute as a simple bug.

Instant Solution

Service failure and the inability to resolve issues impact customer retention. The skill to resolve customer complaints in no time is invaluable. We have, in our organization, a team of devoted and experienced professionals, which has the ability to implement the right tactics to counter customer problems.

Policy Management and Automation

You will deploy apps on our cloud using our patented cloud management service portal that adheres to the corporate policies laid down in ISO 9001:2015. Our cloud service portal efficiently manages and monitors virtual machines within your cloud environment, while also allowing you to scale without disrupting operations.

We will help you Migrate

To enhance agility and expedite the process of migration, we will help you move files to our cloud hosting server from your existing infrastructure. Our technicians will meticulously draft a migration plan that selects, prepares, and extracts data of the correct quality and form from your server.

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We assure you of 99.95% Uptime

The impact of each glitch as it surfaces on your cloud has a cumulative effect. It is this cumulative effect that causes server downtime, website outage and, ultimately, blacklisting of your website in the long run.

At Go4hosting, we undertake a holistic approach while resolving bugs/glitches as we take into account the smallest possibility that has the potential to cause significant damages in future. This in turn rewards us with astonishingly high uptime of 99.95% on our network.

Key Differentiators of our service

  • Tier 3 Data Centres
  • Choose from multiple locations in India and the USA
  • ISO Compliant
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Scalable Service
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Made for a diversified conglomerate

Why Go4hosting

In a competitive marketplace that exists today, your organization needs to choose the right cloud servers provider, which can offer you the freedom to tap the untapped. Go4hosting’s cloud services offer a comprehensive range of cloud servers, dedicated server and virtualization servers. Our state-of-the-art hosting platform and business outsourcing service helps business units reduce IT costs. Utilizing our existing infrastructure and technical expertise, you can harness cloud computing to its max potential.

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