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Multimode UPS Systems: Enhance Data Center Efficiency

In the quest to slash down costs on cooling and energy consumption, most of the data center managers are accommodating multi-mode UPSs. From server to data center, every setup needs consistent power supply. A single point of disruption drags businesses at risk for data loss, data corruption, equipment damage or unwanted downtime. To be at a safer end, data centers employ UPSs in their facility. Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems works as an interface between the mains and critical applications, UPS supply the load with consistent and high quality electrical power.

How does Multi-mode UPS Reduce Costs and Enhance Efficiency

In lieu to vintage UPS systems, the multimode UPSs technology can achieve 98-99% efficiency. Replacing the conventional uninterrupted power systems with the latest and cutting-edge UPS units augments the efficiency meter by operating in different modes. A multimode UPS provides user with two operating modes – double-conversion mode and multimode. The double-conversion mode states for providing premium power protection and the other provides premium operating efficiency.

The new technology is integrated with brilliant control logic that allows it to switch from one mode to other and that too in nanoseconds. The process of quick conversion boosts the energy efficiency by initiating an expeditious conversion of alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC).

Auto Switch: The multi-mode UPS turns to any of the operating mode as per the needs. If you have selected eco-mode/multimode as your default setting to attain 98-99%, this advanced UPS will automatically switch to power protection mode in milliseconds, when power disturbance is detected.

A less efficient UPS can add more cost to your budget and can cause unwarranted hassles. The more efficient your power protection systems, the less utility power data centers need to invest to ensure unswerving business performance.

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