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Dedicated Server : Benefits Beyond Root Access

Setting-up an online presence may seem to be a cakewalk for many; however a robust online presence is the result of the smart efforts incorporated at the backend. When planning for ‘Internet’ excursion, you must ensure that you find a viable service provider for your business website. For an e-commerce business website, it is imperative to select the right web hosting solution. The businesses that can afford to have their own server infrastructure and IT professionals to manage their hosting environment are big corporate giants. For SMEs, a dedicated hosting solution is a viable alternative to capitalize on the opportunity.

Dedicated hosting lets the client to leverage the benefits of data management, security, networking with root-level access to the server. Even though, utilization of dedicated servers is versatile, however its use is specialized. Nevertheless, dedicated servers are not very cost-effective; however it provides excellent control and security to the clients. The strengths and its versatility make it a standalone webhosting solution for swift traffic management.

Dedicated Hosting Features Dedicated server web hosting service provider allocates dedicated resources for your business websites, giving full admin control to you. The server is housed at provider’s data center facility with number of other servers. This web hosting solution is a befitting option for the companies that attract more traffic, require more storage space, more than one IP address, bandwidth, and security for their hosted websites.

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers The fully managed dedicated server hosting plan includes server management, maintenance, dedicated staff, premium bandwidth, etc. The service provider owes the full responsibility to ensure that your server runs unswervingly. Besides software patching, virus scans, consistent monitoring, firewall integration comes under full managed dedicated server hosting services. However, the features may differ from business to business. Fully managed services are quite expensive than unmanaged dedicated hosting.

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers Unmanaged dedicated hosting solutions are cost-effective; however, it demands technical expertise for its management. The client should have IT professionals at place to integrate firewalls, install security software applications, software patching, etc. The unmanaged or self-managed dedicated hosting service provider will provide you with basic installation, network, premium bandwidth, and dedicated IP for your websites.

Points to Consider: It is always beneficial to choose hosting plans that include load balancing options, which ensure your websites does not encounter outage owing to traffic spikes. Also, look for service provider business history, SLA on network availability, security models, disaster recovery plans, and support options prior to building an association with them.

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