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Cloud Computing And Its Deployment Models

Cloud computing is a new wave in the IT industry that has enabled convenience, on-demand network access and shared pool of computing resources that can be provisioned in an effortless way. The technology demands least user inputs for its management and provides quick access to computing power, computing infrastructure, applications, when demanded. Besides accessing data, storage, or information using variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, and smart phones over the Internet is one of the remarkable characteristics of the leading cloud technology.

Let’s take a closer insight of Cloud Computing characteristics:

-Easy sharing and collaboration

-Access to hundreds of applications

-Anytime, anywhere access with Internet ready devices

-Minimal upfront costs with pay-per-use billing model

-High scalability

Now let’s move to the various deployment models of cloud computing:

Public Cloud, Private Cloud & Hybrid Cloud are the three most known cloud computing models offered today.

Public Cloud: The public cloud computing services are offered by a third-party cloud service provider to the general public over the Internet. These off-premises services are shared with various customers and are cost-effective.

Private Cloud: Meant for the organizations seeking enhanced security and those who do not want to keep their servers, data, or other resources out of their premises. This on premises computing platform is implemented behind the firewall, and enables sharing or pooling of resources across different business units, applications, and departments. Besides public cloud model involves upfront costs on -set-up, maintenance and management.

Hybrid Cloud: A perfect combination of public cloud and private cloud gives birth to this hybrid computing model. The public cloud helps a business to cater to the computing needs while their user data is kept within a private cloud.

According to Gartner, the adoption to ‘Cloud Computing’ is intensifying at a greater pace, and is expected that by year 2016 this growth will increase to become the bulk of new IT spend.

With this breakthrough technology, the excursion towards success seems to be at a positive pole for growing businesses.

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