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Know the Mobile App Development Costs in Different Regions

Having a mobile app for your business is a must to survive in this highly competitive market. After deciding to outsource mobile app development, the next question that might arise is, “How much does it cost to develop an app.”

To make your task easy, here we will provide the average cost of developing a mobile application per hour in various popular regions such as North America, South America, Europe, Asia, etc.

The cost of developing an app differs in all the regions, and you should consider this first while estimating the overall budget of your mobile app.

App Development Cost in Different Regions

Now, let’s check the app development cost in different regions of the world one-by-one.

North America

It is the most expensive region to develop a mobile application. Here, app developers charge between $20 to $250 per hour.

Countries well-known in the region for app development include New York, Toronto, and Chicago, etc.


It is the second most expensive region to develop a mobile app. Here, mobile app developers charge between $35 to $150 per hour.

South America

South America is again a pricey region when we talk about mobile app development cost. The software development market is growing at a tremendous rate. App developers charge between $25 to $120 per hour.

Popular outsource development countries in this region include Mexico, Brazil, Panama, etc.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular countries which offers mobility solutions. App developers in this region charge between $50 to $170.

Eastern Europe

As of now, there are more than 1 million app developers in Eastern Europe, due to which it is one of the go-to choices by various people for outsourcing their IT projects.

As of now, they possess 1.3 app developers per 100 people. Ukraine stands at the second position with over 185,000 developers & Poland stands at third position with more than 255,000 developers.

App developers charge between $20 to $110 per hour. Popular countries to work in this region include Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Hungary, Estonia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Latvia, and the Czech Republic.

Western Europe

Western Europe is rapidly growing in terms of software development. App developers in this region charge somewhere around $35 to $175.

Popular countries in the region include the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Norway.


Asia is one of the most popular continents when we talk about our source mobile app development. This region is less expensive as compared to America & Europe.

App developers charge between $10-$80 per hour in India, but they deliver the best quality work. Secondly, app developers in Indonesia cost max $20 per hour.

Various countries to which you can allocate your project include India, China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan & Thailand.


Mobile app development cost in Africa is inexpensive than any other region. Here, in countries like Egypt, Morocco, and Kenya, the development cost is a maximum of $20. However, the development cost is high in countries like Nigeria and South Africa, which is about $40.

Because of the lack of experienced developers in this continent, it is challenging to find mobile app developers in this region. Countries to work in this region include Kenya, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Apart from the developer’s cost, you have to consider the cost of various positions in an outsource development team. Here is a table that describes the cost of different roles in different regions.

Employee Title

Eastern Europe

Western Europe


North America

Business Analyst










Project Manager





Jr. Developer





Mid-level Developer





Sr. Developer





Lead Developer





Junior QA





Mid-level QA





Senior QA





Based on the requirement of the project, you can decide the total members you need in the development team. If you have no idea how many members you need, an experienced outsource mobile app development company can help to sort out the issue.

Before you decide to allocate your project to a specific region, you should be familiar with some of the factors that affect app development cost.

Factors that affect App Development Cost

1.) Platform & Framework

The platform on which you want to develop the app, such as Android or iOS, or both has a great influence on the overall development cost. Moreover, the type of hosting you choose to configure with your application also significantly determines how much you are going to invest in your application.

The framework on which you develop an app has a direct impact on the overall development cost. Currently, there are two types of frameworks available in the market, mainly Native & Hybrid.

Using the native app development framework, you can develop an app for a specific platform such as Android or iOS.

Using a hybrid app development framework, you can develop an app for both platforms, Android, and iOS using one code.

If you have enough money and resources and are willing to provide users a secure and reliable app, then you can choose the native framework. But, if you have less budget and resources, then go with a hybrid framework.

2.) Backend or Backendless architecture

If your app is offline, then your architecture will work without a backend.

If your app allows users to exchange data with each other in real-time, then you will require backend. The backend will also help you to track user activity and the app’s performance.

Depending on the tracking you want in your app, the backend cost will differ.

Type of Mobile App

Mainly there are three types of the app as follows:

  • Simple: An App which has basic and easy to implement features are included in this category. For instance: any offline app or data-driven app.
  • Medium: Apps with a high number of features but moderate complexity are referred to as medium apps.For instance: on-demand app like uber eats, authentication app like drive, IoT app like skybell.
  • Complex: Apps with a lot of features and heavy tech usage are referred to as complex apps. For instance, dating, eCommerce, etc.

App Support & Maintenance

After your app is developed as well as released on the respective app store, a professional app development company will not leave you.

They will provide you support for the app for a certain period of time. If you want more support, then you have to pay extra charges.


Finally, you have become familiar with the app development cost in different regions. Based on the budget and requirements, you can decide to allocate your project to a specific country.

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