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How SEO Can Boost Your Online Business

With day by day invention that is going around you, making everything going digitally mad, you might be running your business or planning to have your business?

Guess what? You have landed at the right place. Online business is not rocket science; rather, it’s just a thought process that makes it tough.

I guess you might have heard about SEO?

If no, then don’t worry, we got a nice and quick guide for you on SEO.

So what exactly is SEO & how it is related to your online business & how it can help your business to reach to your dedicated audience? Well, we will be discussing all this here RIGHT NOW!!!

What is SEO?

SEO is in simple terms is defined as Search Engine Optimization. It is a process by which you can get free traffic or so-called Organic traffic to your site without even spending a single penny.


SEO is laser-focused, i.e. it keeps an eye on your content which you are providing through your online business & then it optimizes your site to reach higher ranking on search engines. Similarly, you can use WordPress plugins to rank higher.

As you know that CONTENT IS KING, without SEO, it would be really difficult for you to achieve a higher ranking in the search index.

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Types of SEO

When we come under various types of SEO, then it is broadly divided into two parts which represent its types of optimization that will help you to reach more audience by outranking others namely –

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO


What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO completely focuses on your website & content. It optimizes your content that is lying within your website or business portal. On-page SEO is a must for growing your business because google checks your content and find relevance with users searching on the web.

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By working on On-Page SEO, It will enable google as well as users finding information that is of great importance for them.

Google use crawlers or bots that scan your website so that it can assign relevant content to that a user is searching on google. Scanning includes title tags, Meta tags, Meta descriptions, headings, paragraphs, images, URLs, and internal as well as outgoing links.

So what we got know is that optimizing content within your site is of great importance because this will give a clear idea about what your online business is all about.

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What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO is mainly focussed on optimizing your site rank by working outside your site boundaries, i.e. promoting your website on other platforms, eg — blogs, Forums, Social media etc. Off-Page SEO activities mainly include link building, social bookmarking and social media marketing.

So why is that important for you?

Well, google bots scan all your links through which sites you are getting a backlink, after studying this it ranks your site.

Getting backlink is one thing, whereas getting a high-quality backlink is another. If you need higher ranking, you need to work on high-quality backlinks from various other domain which are having good DA score, i.e. Domain Authority score.

It helps in increases your ranking, getting higher rankings to your site page, getting more audience to your page by social media marketing.

Techniques of SEO

Hats & their colours will be making a sense in SEO techniques. There are 3 techniques called 3 hats for SEO, namely –

  1. White Hat SEO
  2. Black Hat SEO
  3. Grey Hat SEO


White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO follows all the guidelines that are mentioned by search engine guideline. It is a legal way of working, which will never harm your ranking & will never face any BAN issue.

Results will take longer time as there is no shortcut or any cheats.

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Examples – Writing a relevant article, providing genuine article/information, promoting on social media platforms.

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Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is completely opposite to white hat SEO, i.e. it doesn’t follow the mentioned guidelines by search engine rather it finds a glitch in the system and works on it to get a higher ranking.

This might bring short term achievements, but in the long term, it won’t be feasible as Google keeps on updating their algorithm.

Examples – It may include plagiarism content, paid backlinks, cloaking (where different content is shown too human and search engine visitors)

Grey Hat SEO

Here comes our middleman, yes Grey Hat SEO is a way of working in both Good & bad Direction. It lies somewhere between White & Black SEO.

It may somehow be beneficial to you but is still considered to be risky.

Examples – Paying for reviews, profile link exchange, clickbait (content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to an irrelevant page).

Organic Search Vs Paid Search


Whenever you search for something on the search engine, then it displays the results of various sites that are relevant to your query. What matters the most here is that only the top 10 results get 95% of the traffic, so it is utmost important to get ranked on search results in order to reach more audience.

Organic search is based on unpaid, natural rankings determined by search algorithms. This can be optimized by implementing various SEO practices/techniques. In contrast, Paid search is based on paying an amount for displaying your website on the search result page. Payment is made for the views & clicks you get on your site.

How can SEO boost your online business

SEO User-friendly website

SEO will help your business to create a faster, smoother, and user-friendlier website. Today SEO is also about improving user experience, so if you provide better user experience, you will surely get recurring customers.

Organic search is the primary source of traffic

Whenever a search is done on search engines, maximum traffic is attained by the top 3 or 4 search results. Getting higher rankings in search result page can be done by following SEO practices that make your site more valuable.

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SEO builds trust & credibility

The goal is to set up a solid establishment for an excellent site, effective user experience that is easily discoverable in search. SEO builds trust for the users by ranking sites as per their content & relevancy.

Brings more audience

SEO helps in getting more users within your boundaries by Social Media Marketing, Social Bookmarking, Good Backlinks and many more.

Better conversion

SEO-optimised websites loads faster, are easy to read and surf, and are highly responsive i.e. compatible in all devices like Mobiles, Tablets, PC. Websites that are easy to read and navigate are more likely to grab the attention of their audience – i.e. they’re more likely to become your loyal customers.

Competition advantage

Let’s take an example of two businesses that are in the same industry, selling the same products, at the same prices. One of them has an optimized website, while the other is having basic site work. Considering everything else to be same, which company will likely grow faster and become more successful & reach more audience?

Yes optimizing your site is a must because following traditional pathways will not help you in reaching heights whereas you need to keep yourself updated on latest trends.


SEO is an ongoing process, and it takes time to get fruitful results. What matter here is your efforts, you need to keep updating your site with the latest information and continuously strive to make it more user-friendly. Write content in such a way that it is more appealing to your audience. If user-experience on your site is great, users will revisit your website.

Just keep your knowledge updated because each day something new comes in the market!!!

Author Bio : Rahul Ahlawat, A young digital marketer with a tint of curiosity to learn new things. Blogging is my passion and growing is my life aim. A series lover with a good taste in music to rock.

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