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Expect the Unexpected from these Ten Avant-garde Tools by Amazon

Growth in cloud adoption is directly proportional to rising complexities of cloud solutions as enterprises and individuals demand for a variety of services thereby adding to versatility of cloud adoption. Although Amazon Web Services is an undisputed leader among all major cloud providers, it is found that every organization is working overtime to enrich the basket of cloud services and related tools.

We can understand this phenomenon by studying highlights of ten most innovative cloud hosting services offered by AWS. These would not have been imagined by users just a few years ago. One can imagine how AWS is changing paradigms of cloud solutions just by looking at the sheer novelty of these tools.


Athena is designed to enhance the inherent simplicity of working in the S3 environment by running the queries. There is obviously no need of writing the loops and moreover, since it leverages SQL syntax even your database admins can rejoice.


In order to facilitate running of Docker instances as and when desired, Blox ensures running of optimum instances so the Docker is not allowed to gobble its way into the stack. Writing logic can be a breeze, thanks to the open source and event driven Blox. Whether you need to use it within Amazon or outside, Blox can be reused as it open source.


In the absence of Field Programmable Gate Arrays, hardware engineers would find it extremely difficult to build special chip from software since an entire gamut of transistors would not easily fit into tiny silicon. FPGA facilitates building of chips by understanding software disruption and the associated working of transistors to build desired chip.

Although FPGA has been leveraged by hardware professionals for quite some time, Amazon transcends the magic of FPGA into cloud through the latest AWS EC2 F1. It is nothing less than a boon for engineers who wish to perform repetitive computing tasks. Answers can be computed swiftly by compilation of software description into multiple tiny arrays. The process is far easier than using actual silicon that would fit all transistors or building custom masks.

FPGA has been helping Bitcoin miners for accelerating their search operations. It allows writing of repetitive and compact algorithm on silicon by renting machines. If you are dealing with calculations that are difficult to be mapped in terms of standard sets of commands, then FPGA can be your savior.


Data science professionals need not be bogged down by the prospect of collecting and arranging huge volumes of data that account for the major part of the job than the actual process of data analysis itself.

It allows use of the special Python layer even if one is not able to write or understand. Of course it enables customization of the data collection process if you have knowledge of Python. Glue makes sure that all required processes are being smoothly executed. Users can leverage details provided by Glue to view a larger picture of the available data.

Glue can be assigned the job of collecting and transforming the data into relevant format before sticking in Managed Amazon cloud. Glue is basically an assortment of Python scripts that are designed to access sources of data and leverages standard assortment of acronyms including JDBC, CSV, and JSON to grab and provide recommendations by performing analysis of schema.

Lambda Edge

The most dependable way to deliver content across remote regions to help end users access the files without any considerable latency is to adopt CDN. Lambda Edge by Amazon is designed to bring a great refinement to the concept of Content Delivery Network as it allows pushing code of Node.js to the edge of internet for instant response. By cloning the code to enhance availability of the same throughout the Cloud CDN, it eliminates latency to a great extent and delivers content as soon as requested by visitors. The pay-as-you-go billing system further helps you eliminate need of renting machines or setting up individual instances.


Email campaigns have proved to be a wonderful resource for executing mail marketing strategies. However, these have been impacted by spam filters and have lost their edge if you need to push a common email message to a large number of customers. Te Pinpoint solution by Amazon helps you target the messages so that these do not end up in spam folders.


Amazon has helped users of IoT with Polly, which is an ideal audio interface. It delivers an audio version of the typed text.


This innovative tool by Amazon is aimed at using some of the most sought after neural network algorithms and machine vision. It will deliver the information of people only by putting name to metadata.

Snowball Edge

If you are skeptical about the security of data in the cloud because it does not provide reassurance of a physical format of a hard disk or a thumb drive, then Snowball Edge is the ideal tool for you. Amazon will make sure that you will receive a box with copy of desired data at any location.


X-ray by Amazon aggregates and consolidates the entire gamut of your website’s data in terms of zones, regions, and multiple instances in a single page format. T is information can be used to make sure that the cluster is operating without any hassles.

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