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Drupal 8 – A New Boon for your Website and Business

To say that that modern businesses need a well-designed and functional website is to state the obvious. It is just like saying that aeroplanes need wings to fly and cars have to have petrol to move. A good website has become prerequisite for any firm’s survival in an immensely competitive business landscape. From dispensing information about your products, services and its important features, warrantees, price, etc. to conduct public relations and online campaigning, your website is your showroom in the online world. Your website allows you to offer the same kind of personal service online that you would offer face to face, thus saving both yours and your customers time and other important resources. It is therefore of utmost importance that you pay attention to the layout and design of your website along with the tools and software that will power it so that whatever you envision for your business is turned into reality.

This fortunately is not very hard to achieve, and rest assured, you will not be forced to move mountains to attain your objective of having a world class website. Luckily for you, one of the most popular and widely used CMS (content management system) Drupal has got another important and relevant update. Drupal is popular open-source content management software(CMS) which can used by individuals or group of users—even those lacking advanced technical knowledge to create different types of websites. Distributed under the GNU General Public License, Drupal is written in power programming language PHP. Drupal 8 in its latest avatar comes packed with a host of new features and tools that makes designing and running powerful websites more convenient than ever.

In the following paragraphs we shall look into some of the important factors that make Drupal 8 worth the investment for your business.

More efficient content authoring

Debuting as a message board, Drupal became an open source project in 2001. Since then its admin interface has continued to evolve thanks to its large and active community comprising more than one million members and over 30,000 developers. As far as Drupal 8 is concerned, the new interface is more streamlined and possesses a more mobile friendly look, and with special emphasis on simplifying things that they already are, this popular CMS makes the entire task of creating and managing content extremely simple and hassle free.

Introduction of Quick Edit tool allows you to edit content directly on the page thus eliminating the need for switching to the admin panel. Lastly, some improvements, (not inherently visible but you can experience it) as to how Drupal 8 catches portions of your site, means enhanced productivity and performance for all the players involved whether they are logged in users or your own staff carrying out various activities like adding content to the site or managing it. These major improvements are a pointer to the fact as to how your team needs less time and less clicks to update content on Drupal 8.

More focus on developers translates into easier maintenance

As mentioned above, Drupal has a very strong community of over 30,000 developers. Keeping this important factor in mind, Drupal 8 inculcates a number of new features that are developer oriented. A new templating engine Twig and some very common and of course very popular extension modules are included by default in Drupal 8. Additionally, Drupal 8 offers better multilingual support and accessibility features. These things though, are for high-level users and you are unlikely to notice them at first glance unless you yourself happen to be a developer.

This major improvement carried out from developers point of view makes the entire maintenance task simpler and more efficient. It saves you money on regular support, which in turn could be put to use developing digital strategies so that you can gain competitive edge in the marketplace.

Drupal 8 makes migrating easy like never before

Things change at a fast pace and nowhere it seems truer than in IT industry. The world is moving more and more into the digital realm each and every day and the organizations need to be constantly on their toes to deliver to their customers’ expectations. Redesigning a website as such is a continuous process for many organizations who wish to remain alert to technological and social changes taking place in the marketplace.

However, one of the major hardships you face while redesigning your website is to ensure that all your content from the previous website is safely transferred to your new website. This is where Drupal 8 has made a major leap in comparison to its predecessors. To put it in simpler terms, you are spared the task of carrying out what was previously known as content migration. Drupal 8 assembles it for you in the process reducing the time taken for content migration by as much as half.

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