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Best 5 websites that uses Joomla as a CMS

Joomla is a free and highly popular open source content management system which is primarily used for developing fairly advanced websites and publication of content on Internet and intranet.  Standing in popularity somewhere between Word Press and Drupal, Joomla hosting offers top level navigation management, extensive features, plugins, support and advanced administration among other features.  A well-established hosting provider can help you create, edit, publish and manage the content in your website with ease and convenience. You can easily create job portals, community portals, corporate websites and personal websites among other things with this freely available open source software.

Some of the important benefits and features of hiring a well-known and established Joomla hosting provider are as following:

Safe, secure and quick editing facilities

Let us say that a person not using a CMS wishes to edit a page on his website. The person needs to use FTP, download the file, make the desired changes and then re-upload it. Though it may sound simple, but there are a lot of complexities involved in it. The upload may be interrupted mid-way, some other person may be trying to edit the same page at the same time or it may be possible that the person wishing to make the necessary changes is not familiar with FTP. All these are legitimate concerns which can considerably raise the hassles in editing a CMSless website.

On the other hand, using a friendly and easy-to-use CMS like Joomla make such tasks highly convenient.  Standard CMSs tend to lay low emphasis on data integrity, Joomla, on the other hand ensures utmost security of your data by locking content that is being edited.  It means that no one will be allowed to edit content (module, menu item, article, etc.) if someone else is currently editing that content.

Dynamic and dependable menu creation tools

When it comes to ease with which menu tools can be created, there is no CMS that matches Joomla. It has the easiest and most powerful menu creation tool, the claim attested by fact that even people with little or no experience in programming can easily create hierarchical menus consisting of various menu items.

Open source infrastructure

This is another major benefit of Joomla hosting.  As mentioned above, Joomla is written in PHP and uses object-oriented programming (OOP) techniques. PHP as we all know is a powerful server-side scripting language designed for developing dynamic websites which also offers high cross platform compatibility. Joomla hosting is typically done on a Linux server. Linux too is an open source platform thereby making Joomla hosting hundred per cent free.

Ease of Use

The most important fact about Joomla software is easy accessibility and a simple utility process, which helps beginners who are new to website development. There are a large number of beginner’s guides and video tutorials in the Joomla software hosting package. It does not only save you from the complications of hosting plans, but also saves precious time and energy that could otherwise have been wasted in understanding web hosting working mechanism.

Top Five Firms using Joomla

Joomla so far has been downloaded more than 50 million times. Extra level of customization facilities, enhanced security features, and language internationalization support are some of the features that make Joomla so attractive to so many multi-national corporations. Large MNCs that enlist the services of top quality Joomla hosting provider for managing and developing their website along with majority of their other web hosting needs are as following:


American multinational operating in over 30 countries uses Joomla as its content management software.

General Electric

Joomla provides all the necessary tools for this top level conglomerate to develop interactive websites.


The world’s largest furniture seller since 2008, IKEA uses Joomla to reach customers in over 500 stores in close to 50 countries.

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the world’s largest hotel chains. The first to offer a centralized reservation system called Holidex in 1965, the company recently converted their main corporate site to Joomla.

Harvard University

This world renowned university with 6,000 staff and faculty and close to approximately 80 individual libraries with more than 18 million volumes uses Joomla.

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