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Dedicated Server Hosting And Its Important Benefits

If you have a well functional website that makes significant contribution to your overall revenue, you probably realise the importance of flexibility. Your website has to remain available and stay online all the time, yet it should still be flexible to efficiently handle any unexpected surge in network traffic.

There are basically three popular types of hosting that are in vogue today: shared hosting, Virtual private server (VPS) hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting. Shared hosting is the most inexpensive of all the three types of hosting and a perfect option for start-ups websites that generate low online traffic in their initial period. In this type of hosting a single physical server hosts hundreds of websites; the cost as such gets evenly distributed amongst all the hosted websites making it inexpensive and affordable.

Virtual private server hosting is a newer form of hosting that is most appropriate for the middle stage of project growth. In this form of hosting a physical server is virtually partitioned and each user gets his own share of dedicated resources like RAM, CPU, bandwidth, etc. Websites operate in an isolated environment and remain largely unaffected by what other websites are doing on the same server. Standing somewhere between shared hosting and dedicated hosting, VPS hosting seeks to combine the affordability of shared hosting with control and security of dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting is the most advanced form of hosting as a single server and its entire resources and capabilities are reserved for a single website. Before we proceed further, it is, however, important to note that it becomes sometimes difficult to define the limit of each stage, and when it is the right time to move to the next stage. In the following paragraphs we shall look at some of the important factors that will help us define as to when the time has come to move to the next stage. We shall also delve a bit deeper into important features and benefits of dedicated server hosting and see why it is a necessity rather than a luxury for traffic intensive websites.

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Dedicated server hosting—when to opt for it?
First and foremost let us start with VPS hosting. This hosting option represents an important stage between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It allows you to acquaint yourself with important features of dedicated hosting before you finally upgrade to the next level. In fact some simple calculation and data interpretation can help you easily determine the right time for upgrading to dedicated hosting. You just have to spend some time modelling the growth of your project in the last six months. With that data on your hands, you can approximate the number of users that will visit your website in the next six months. That number will help you understand if VPS will be enough by that time, or if the time has come to opt for a more advanced form of hosting.

Moving to a new hosting option could be financially as well as technically taxing. It is better you spend some time in the beginning to get more stable work and better server management in the end.

Primary advantages of dedicated server hosting
Dedicated server hosting packs a punch when it comes to your website hosting. First of all you have the entire server and its resources dedicated solely to keep your website performing at its optimum level despite the density of network traffic. You are practically the owner of the server and you can do more or less anything that you wish to do with it—install operating system of your choice, widgets, add-ons, software, applications or any control panel—the choices are plenty. Even more importantly, you are offered incredible power, control, capacity and security with dedicated hosting.

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Dedicated server hosting gives you the luxury of boundless freedom. Extensive server capacity eliminates the trouble of keeping an eye all the time on network traffic and disk space. There is little or no chance of your website slowing down or going offline owing to dense traffic inflow as you have enough bandwidth and space. Dedicated hosting also offers better reliability and uptime.

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