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Blogs That Can Help You Derive The Maximum From Magento

Ecommerce is galloping at a fast pace and there has never been a better time for businesses to start thinking about their eCommerce strategy. And when we talk about the need for a well-designed, reliable and secure ecommerce site, we cannot overlook Magento and the important role this open-source eCommerce platform written in PHP plays in development of high-quality ecommerce websites. In fact the popularity of Magento can be gauged from the fact that today it enjoys close to 30 per cent market share amongst 30 most popular e-commerce platforms.

The good thing about Magento is that it is fairly simple to understand and use. But as things are, sometimes it may get a bit complicated for you. That warrants the all-important question of where you turn for help when you get stuck. To ensure that you do not run from pillar to posts looking for solutions when you are facing difficulties with Magento, we present a round-up of the biggest and best Magento blogs and resources out there.



DLTR, written by Damodar Bashyal, a certified Magento developer answers queries in a simple format with practical solutions. Questions are generally asked by technical users, but it no way implies that you should stay away from it if you do not consider yourself a tech genius. There may come a time where you may find the posts to be relevant to your own area of interest and expertise. You as such may guide your team about how a particular task can be best accomplished.

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Magento Blog

Magento host a Blog/Wiki/Forum resource to help the community to share information. You can visit it to gain first-hand information about a variety of development tips, customer stories, solutions, best practices, etc. However, ensure that you avoid posts that are way too old as the solution you are likely to find would rarely be applicable today. Also, Magento has its own on-demand tutorial called MagentoU (U for university), where you can find a treasure-trove of information in form of video-tutorials, screencasts, etc. However, be prepared to pay to access certain materials as some are free and some are paid services.

Practical Ecommerce

Parctical ECommerce makes use of its extensive media channels to publish independent articles and sundry other advices and notes for businesses to succeed online. This blog is not restricted solely to Magento, but it being the most popular ecommerce platform, you can expect to find a lot of relevant and updated information about Magento.

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According to Inchoo, it is visited by close to 1.5 lac people every month looking for Magento related solution. The sheer amount of online visitors per month is a good pointer to the fact that the site dispenses quality information about all the daily issues that end users to coders and developers may be facing on a daily basis.


MageTraining is a Magento merchant training business, which consists of an extensive range of useful information about efficiently running your ecommerce business using Magento. This is the blog you need to visit regularly if you are interested in leveraging the power of Magento to get the best out of your ecommerce website.

Magento Quickies

This is basically a blog for web developers and techies who are interested in learning new snippets to derive the maximum from this powerful ecommerce platform. It is written by Alan Storm creator of Commerce Bug (Magento extension) and author of the book No Frills Magento Layout. Alan Storm also writes about various aspects and usefulness of Magento on his personal blog AlanStorm. Youcan follow Alan Storm on Twitter as well.

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Amasty is regarded as an excellent Magento extension development company, with an extensive range of powerful extensions to their name. Apart from developing beautiful extensions, Amasty also has a lively blog where you can find apart from extension information, a lot of tips and tricks to efficiently manage your ecommerce store.


The “Magento Tutorial, Let’s master your Magento Skill” blog is a collection of Magento tutorials, which includes tutorial related to Magento extensions, Magento Themes, Magento Installation and latest Magento news among other things. The blog seeks to help users and businesses leverage the power of this robust ecommerce platform.


UnderstandingE are the newest entrants in the market and are fast becoming popular with Magento enthusiasts. The team specialises in connecting Magento to big ecommerce stores like Amazon and eBay. To achieve this objective, they offer practical video guides which shows you step by step the process of installing Magento, to setting up M2E Pro and building your very own multi-channel eCommerce solution.

This all is provided at highly competitive prices so that it does not destabilise your budget. Also, deep knowledge of Magento platform is not a prerequisite making it ideal for beginners who lack deep technical knowledge.

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