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5+ must-have Magento 2 Extensions to boost your site in 2020

Magento is one of the many options for an e-commerce tool out there, but it’s special in the way that it’s the most widely-used name in the industry. Figures from “Built with” have demonstrated that 4% of e-commerce websites across the entire internet, 7% of the top million websites, and 10% (10,000) of the top 100,000 websites are using Magento hosting. And when it comes to successful utilization of Magento to boost website, the right Magento 2 Extensions are the key.

But in which ways are the right extensions the key in helping you achieve your ideal website to attract more audiences? Since features such as a blog, one step checkout, appealing images gallery, smart menu and so on are important elements in creating a convenient and audience-friendly experience for keeping customers, it’s no doubt that the best Magento 2extensions are your most helpful mate.

So, if you are still seeking the top best Magento 2 Extensions for your e-commerce website, look for it no more because in this post, we’re going to give you 5+ must-have Magento 2 Extensions that are going to improve your sale in 2020. These cover from the most basic to the most advanced and detailed demands and will be of tremendous help to you.

Must-have Magento 2 Extensions to give your site a boost

  1. Extension for blogNowadays, a blog is an indispensable marketing tool for a successful e-commerce website. Without a blog, your site would have missed the chance to display more product information and get more interactions with visitors. Empowered by that vision, this great Magento 2 extension for blog is designed to equip your Magento site with blog without having to install a blog by any third party.
    great Magento 2 extension for blog (1)

In addition to special features like integrating Magento and WordPress, showcasing Tag best cloud service and supporting related posts widget, this Magento 2 extension also offers other highlighted features such as:

  • Support attractive post layouts, border colors, background colors
  • Support arranging posts in different categories
  • Support multiple languages and sharing on 14+ social network sites
  • Support generate site map
  • Support fully rest API for a blog post and blog categories
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And coming at the price of just $129.00, this amazing Magento 2 blog extension is definitely the most cost-saving, user-friendly as well as powerful and versatile blogging tool for you to develop your e-commerce website.

  1. Extension for One Step Checkout – If your e-commerce site is losing customers due to difficulties and inconvenience in checking out (the steps might be too complicated or checking out is too time-consuming), this Magento 2 extension is a must-have. As the name suggests, it will help your customers to check out 75% quicker on just one page and slash the time of this step to around 2 minutes simply by using Google’s suggestion and displaying all information on one page.

    this Magento 2 extension (2)

Moreover, this Magento 2 extension for checkout also has

  • Neat and clean interface
  • Mobile checkout optimization
  • Smart newsletter setting
  • Support social login
  • Support various skins and all custom Magento 2 templates
  • Work in harmony with third-party extensions
  • One-click for editing and removing product options and changing the position of the bill section

And with a reasonable price of $89.00, all these useful functions will be in your reach.

  1. Extension for managing Image Gallery – Image is one of, if not the most important factor in creating an impressive, eye-catching and professional e-commerce site. By using this, you will be able to display the photos of not only your products but also your team or company on an aesthetic pre-designed gallery layout. Your website will appear to be much more stunning and eye-pleasing and therefore help you to lure more visitors and interactions.
    top best magento 2 extensions (3)

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This must-have Magento 2 extension comes with these special features:

  • Display Image Gallery with multiple layouts
  • Display High-Quality Images in Attractive Slideshow
  • Support video on YouTube and Vimeo
  • Add images to different galleries
  • Link images to corresponding product pages
  • Support Look book Layout

This cost-friendly Magento 2 extension along with all these amazing features is just $89.00, which is both economical and practical for such a must-have tool to boost sale.

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  1. Extension for page building – Having advanced knowledge in coding can be very rewarding and easy, especially if you want to create, manage and customize your website. However, not everyone is able to attain that degree of knowledge in this field. If you happen to be one of those who don’t have expertise in coding and programming and are seeking the best and most cost-effective extension for page building, this Magento 2 extension is the perfect answer. Designed specifically for people who don’t have any idea on writing code, it enables you to easily and beautifully create Magento 2 theme of your own wish.
    extensions for sale improvement (4)

The salient features of this Magento 2 extension include:

  • Drag & drop interfaces
  • Support 50+ widgets
  • CMS Page Builder & CSS Skin Builder
  • Support faster page loading time
  • Convert Page and Elements to Content CMS Page, Content CMS Block
  • Easy to extend to 3rd Party extensions

The price for this versatile and intelligent life-saving extension is just $99, which is basically the best price in the market for such a great Magento 2 extension.

  1. Extension for creating a multi-vendor marketplace – One factor that all of the most popular e-commerce sites in the world nowadays such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon, etc. have in common is that they allow multiple vendors to upload their products and manage almost everything by themselves. This must-have Magento 2 extension can be used to serve that specific purpose. With this extension, sellers on your site can control almost everything from products, sales, invoices, shipments and credit memos by making use of Seller cPanel. Your website can become a completely automatic marketplace; hence attract a great number of visitors and achieve rapid growth.
    the best magento 2 extensions (5)

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The Magento 2 extension supports:

  • Rest API
  • Fast & responsive optimized mobile marketplace
  • Create Unlimited Sellers with Smart Store Front
  • Easily Create Flexible Commission
  • Multiple Gateways & Multilingual Ready
  • Smart Manage Transaction Incredibly
  • Manage Orders Fast & Live
  • Smart SEO Management
  • Advanced Notification/Mail System

The price for this must-have Magento 2 tool is $399.00, which is quite cheap for a good deal.

  1. Extension for creating a smart navigation menu – A smart and user-friendly navigation menu plays a defining role in deciding whether your website has the capability to keep visitors or not. This must-have Magento 2 extension is one great tool to help you create a dynamic and neat navigation menu for your website easily without having to participate in any kind of complicated procedure.
    extensions to develop your ecommerce website (6)

Some of the most highlighted features of this extension are:

  • Fastest Load Time & Cache Supported
  • Enhanced UX / UI
  • 786 icons included by Font Awesome
  • Responsive & Optimized for Mobile menu
  • Vertical & Horizontal Menu
  • 7 Submenu Types
  • Custom Menu for Mobile

For just $199.00, creating an intelligent and user-friendly navigation menu, one of the most important elements of a successful e-commerce website, will be a far-fetching and difficult task no more.

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