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Augment Web Footprint of Organization with Fully Managed VPS Hosting

Virtualization technology has given birth to some of the most fascinating web hosting solutions including Virtual Private Servers. VPS hosting has been witnessing amazing growth in terms of popularity and is constantly being evolved as far as efficiency and performance is concerned.

Growing acceptance of VPS hosting

If we project the encouraging trends of VPS hosting adoption, one can safely conclude that it may surpass number of users of shared hosting in a short span of time. The overall acceptance of VPS hosting can be contributed to the outstanding value for money offered to users from diverse categories of businesses as well as individuals.

VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server hosting is implemented by building multiple virtual servers on a physical server by using compartmentalization. Segregation of physical server into different virtual servers facilitates separate operating systems for every virtual server. This empowers every Virtual Private Server to perform in isolation with benefits of custom configuration, security policies, without any interference of other hosting accounts.


Secured, flexible and economical hosting

One of the unique characteristics of VPS hosting is its ability to combine economy of shared hosting with privacy of dedicated hosting. This is the principal driving force behind growing popularity of VPS hosting. Every single Virtual Private Server is capable of independently performing irrespective of resource consumption of other websites.

Every single VPS account is backed by its individual operating system as well as hardware resources. It also allows customization and flexibility of using operating system of choice.

Business websites must be offered a secure and resource-rich environment that does not hamper availability and data integrity. In shared hosting a business website can experience downtime due to unruly behavior of another websites. It is also possible that spamming activities involving neighboring website can hamper your website adversely.

Therefore, business owners should think twice before selecting shared hosting for their online transactions. Security is a prime factor for online payments and in shared hosting use of SSL certificates may not be possible. This leaves you with a more secure as well as economical choice of VPS hosting.

Freedom to install desired applications

VPS hosting is also sought after for availability of complete root access to server resources. This facilitates deployment of desired software packages. In contrast, there are several web applications that do not recommend use of shared hosting due to obvious security reasons. It is observed that due to presence of large number of accounts and security optimization, shared hosting offers no support to many applications. There are no such limitations in VPS hosting as users can install scripts according to their choice.

Guaranteed performance

For any web business site or web application incessant online availability is an important criterion. Downtime due to insufficient resource availability is a common concern in shared web hosting. This happens mainly due to resource hogging web applications that can be present in neighboring websites or your own website in a shared hosting.

Alternatively, VPS hosting is highly recommended to start new web applications or business websites that could develop into large websites with huge volumes of traffic. This will help efficient scaling of resources without any possibility of slow page load speeds or downtime.

Virtual Private Server hosting offer an isolated environment of containers that are provided with specific volumes of dedicated resources as per the dedicated hosting price. One of the most striking benefits of these containers is ability of instant resource provisioning whenever there is need to handle sudden surge in website traffic.

Users are able to provide additional RAM with a click of button to meet demands of growing traffic. In order to add resources in dedicated hosting, user has to make a request to hosting service providers and then a technical support executive would physically allocate the same. This can be a highly time consuming exercise leading to loss of visitors due to downtime.

Promotes green hosting

Environmental concerns are important parameters of selecting right type of hosting. Every business is expected to play an active role to promote green technologies. VPS hosting is the most environment friendly hosting among all traditional methods of hosting. Virtual Private Server helps mitigate carbon footprint by minimizing number of physical servers. Since there are hundreds of VPS hosting accounts in a single physical server, there is a considerable reduction in consumption of energy in terms of power, cooling and so forth.


Thanks to growing adoption of VPS hosting and simultaneous maturing of virtualization technology, VPS plans have become more affordable to majority of website owners. It is hardly any surprise that VPS server hosting is being adopted by websites of all sizes and from all business categories.

In order to derive maximum possible benefits of VPS hosting, one should to find the right host that has ability to provide trusted and technically proficient hosting. Fully Managed VPS hosting empowers users with intuitive control panels for effective management of website performance. Outstanding controls, scalability, security, isolation, and flexibility are some of the attributes of VPS hosting that will provide a great hosting experience and assurance of a robust web footprint to you.

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