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Affordable Dedicated Server for Enterprises and SMEs!

Web hosting is one of the popular businesses across the globe. There are numerous web hosting providers which offering affordable dedicated hosting server plans these days. SMEs along with enterprises have started showing their interests on purchasing dedicated hosting servers for better performance.

Web hosting providers are coming up with lucrative plans for their customers. Each of these plans has unique features and organizations can select the best suited plan according their business requirements. The prices of these hosting plans differ from each other.

So, dedicated server is only for the enterprises can be considered as a myth. Small scale organizations with their limited capital can also afford a dedicated hosting server and the unique features. A dedicated hosting server efficiently manages huge traffic and provide ultimate scalability.

This is a revolution brought up by the web hosting providers in the hosting industry. Small scale businesses are also initiating to hire a dedicated hosting server for their organizations and reaping benefits. There are ample of benefits of dedicated web hosting. Have a look on some prominent features of a dedicated hosting server.

Key benefits of a dedicated hosting server:

  • Guaranteed 99.95% uptime
  • Complete administrative access
  • Unlimited bandwidth and space
  • Immense flexibility
  • Round the clock technical support
  • Customized configuration of server

These are some of the common features of a dedicated server which are offered by any leading web hosting provider. Some hosting providers also offer value added services with each web hosting plan. So, startup organizations can also think of a dedicated server as a hosting option for them. It is important to select a right hosting provider in the crowd and then start with an improved dedicated host for brighter future.

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