Mozilla Thunderbird

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Developed by the Mozilla Foundation, Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the used applications used for cross platform email services, chat, news etc. At first, the project was named as Phoenix but the same failed to take off with little success. The major features of are its news feed, chat, newsgroup and obviously email.

Mozilla Thunderbird is designed to handle quick searches, virtual folders which are alternatively named as saved folders. The system works on multiple platforms such as MS Windows, Mac and the Linux while other can be built at one’s will. The application has extensions to it which can be downloaded to attach certain more features to it. It has customization options to it which can be pursued through the said extensions. This is further available in many of the most spoken languages of the world. There are volunteers with the organization to keep updates over the languages.

The Thunderbird usually stores all the information on the local disk of the device although the process has been told to be plagued by many users.

Mozilla Thunderbird, being open sourced further offers the options to programmers to design and develop their own extensions.


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