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Managed Hosting Service Good for You

Managed hosting service is in much demand because in this type of hosting, the service provider will lease out dedicated servers to one client alone. Equipments are placed at the service provider’s facility and these are completely managed and maintained by the managed hosting service.


How does managed hosting work?

In this IT provisioning model, the providers will manage the systems software and hardware, and the operating system. Clients enjoy administrative access to the server but they rarely use this advantage. They typically interact through a web-based interface. So, the provider will set up and configure the hardware, the software and extend technical support, maintain the system and provide regular updates.

You can enjoy other services when these are included in the package or you may have to purchase these additionally. These include load balancing features, backup provisions and disaster recovery plans, security measures like intrusion detection or vulnerability scans. In this sense, managed hosting is more of an extension of traditional dedicated hosting. This is because the hardware is owned and installed by the host and these are leased to a specific client only. However, unlike dedicated hosting plans, the responsibilities for managing and maintaining the servers and troubleshooting their problems lie completely with the provider.


What will the Managed Hosting Service Offer?

    - To start with, in managed hosting, you can expect server monitoring. So, the host will scan servers for potential defects so that these can be resolved before problems crop up.

    - The provider will also offer spam filters and virus scanning measures, firewall configurations and updates for operating systems besides the regular physical security provisions of data centers.

    - They will also ensure effective data backup and recovery measures so that data loss can be retrieved easily. This explains why a managed hosting service is needed because it will store your mission-critical data securely.

    - Managed hosting also provides round-the-clock support through phones, chats and emails.

Flexibility - Managed Hosting is a flexible solution – not a one size fits all service – and providers can work with customers to achieve a solution tailored to suit the budget and individual requirements of their business. What’s more, when those requirements change, managed hosting providers can react in good time to ensure that the hosting platform continues to meet those demands.


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