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MODX hosting is also referred to as Content Management system. It depicts an exclusive kind of niche hosting that offers good support to MODX software. The abilities of this hosting merely outshine the ones that are offered by average CMS. In addition to this, MODX offers a wide based support for AJAX plus array of extensive specifications that assists you to take SEO efforts to great heights.

MODX is an open-source tool, which actually work on PHP application framework. Moreover, it lifts all probable online limitations, thereby permitting you to generate websites according to your requirements. This can be done with the usage of Javascript, HTML, CSS, and various other technology software. The different framework of MODX hosting is compatible with several upcoming innovative technologies that offer great flexibility to clients in building up personalized applications to the websites.

This hosting is the most SEO alluring plans among several CMS hosting solutions, in which you do not have to worry regarding the installation of fresh modules since you can generate user-friendly URLs easily. You also have the option to use add-on specification known as Strict SEO URLs that offers you the ability to personalize and rewrite the URLs.

With the help of MODX hosting, you may convert the style sheet, images to XML, and Javascript applications, Word Documents or PDF by using in-built MODX document specification. Last but not the least; it facilitates you to handle the website from several main browsers such as internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and lot more from any corner of the globe.

Why should you choose MODX hosting?

There are several reasons for choosing a MODX hosting solution. The key ones include:

  1)    Single-click Installation: With MODX web hosting, you can have a one-click installation of the MODX CMS. This way, you can eliminate the need for manual set-up and start building your website instantly.

  2)    Regular Updates: Your MODX CMS gets updated automatically and regularly, as a result of which the security of your website is ensured.

  3)    Security: A reliable MODX hosting solution comes with advanced security infrastructure that safeguards your website from unsolicited intrusion.

  4)    Speed: A premium MODX hosting solution lets you have access to top-notch hardware and software, and this positively impacts the speed and performance of your website.

  5)    Support: In case you face an issue in managing your CMS, there are technical experts to attend to and resolve your queries.


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