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MS SQL Server

SQL-Structured Query Language is all about management of the data and has been put into design to cater to the relational models. There are few more software's which are put to the use for the analysis and other desired functions and MS SQL is the one developed by Microsoft. The SQL Server is a database server maintained by the developing organization, in this case Microsoft to cater to the various queries to store and retrieve the data. The data in question could be stored on a number of computers, may be a series of them or a single system.

This server acts as the deposit of all databases and the database is managed in a number of ways. The management methods remain more or less the same but they do vary in the look, i.e, the user interface along with some more extensions for betterment of services. The whole database is stored in tabular forms on the database and any changes to be made are done on those tables. It is the way of interaction between the back and front end. There are certain parameters on which the queries depend such as time, date, serial number etc.

The MS SQL has undergone many versions from the year 2005 with the latest being the MS SQL 2014. The server dedicated to this software functions as a data collection point. The Microsoft SQL Server has provisions for user-defined composite types.

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