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How to Make Web Application Firewall

Login to account. Go to Control Panel. Click on Web Application Firewall.

Click on Add Advanced. Enter a name in the Name field. Select an XML Manager for the service.

You have the option to define the secure connection from the SSL type list. You may also want to select a policy from the Default Error Policy.

Go to application Security policy, choose a security policy to be implemented. You can disable the requests and responses on the Advanced tab.

Go to the Backside settings. Click Remote Host, enter the IP address or host name. Enter the listening port on the remote server in the Remote Port area.

Go to Frontside settings. Enter IP address in the IP field.  Fill the port field with the listening port of the device. Set the SSL certificate to enable HTTPS communication.

Modify the default values going back to the Advanced tab -

Protocol: Set the HTTP version for client responses, server connections, service scheduling priority.

Connection Timeout: Enter the time to maintain an idle connection during a transaction with the client in the Front side timeout, backside timeout, front persistent timeout and back persistent timeout.

Security: Set Normalize URI property, Rewrite Error Messages, Delay Error messages, duration to delay error messages, request security, and response security.

Streaming: Set the stream Output to Front to make sure whether to stream responses to the requesting visitors and Stream Output to Back property to ensure whether to stream requests to remote servers.

Click "Apply" and save changes to the configurations.

Click on "Save Configuration" to complete the process.

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