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What Are Some Reliable Managed Hosting Providers?

For a growing business, using managed hosting is an option that is highly recommended. There are many server hosting service providers offering managed hosting services either it is Managed dedicated hosting or Managed VPS hosting but you have to choose the best for a great and hassle-free hosting experience. Managed hosting services are aimed at providing ready-to-launch hosting platform that users can utilize for maximum benefits. The providers of managed dedicated hosting services not only assemble the environment but also install OS, setup firewall and configure antivirus.

There are a number of managed hosting services that you can deem as reliable. The price and performance may vary a bit but they all share a common goal.

Key differentiators of a "reliable" managed hosting service-

The best managed dedicated hosting service is one that assures 24/7 support to avoid downtime and to deal with unexpected server performance issues. They must also provide operations support for smooth management and security of the highest level for all your vital business data and information. Look if the service offers a choice of an Operating System so that you can choose one that best fits your needs. Go4hosting is acknowledged by users as one of the best managed hosting service available.

Following are the things you can expect with a managed hosting service-

  - Dedicated account manager and developer
  - Pre-configured firewall and antivirus
  - Pre-installed Operating system and/or applications
  - Network monitoring and troubleshooting
  - Configuring upgrades
  - MySQL

Who should opt for managed hosting services?

Managed hosting services should be the go-to for organizations and individuals when-

  - The amount of time is limited and the client cannot bear with the work to setup hosting environment on its own.
  - The workforce is also limited and there is not enough staff to take care of server-side scripting.
  - The client is not proficient enough in handling server and related hardware

In the above three scenarios it is best to opt for a managed hosting service instead of overburdening yourself with unmanaged services.

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