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Managed vs. Un-Managed servers

Hosting services that offer managed servers undertake to maintain software, hardware, and routine upkeep of servers. These will be backed by additional services including automated backups, performance monitoring, malware scanning, OS security updates, and so forth. Managed servers are ideal for organizations with no support of in-house IT teams. These services are also referred as managed server hosting solutions. One should appreciate that 'managed server' is a vague term and the level of server management can differ from one provider to another. It is therefore strongly recommended to understand specifics of server management before choosing the hosting service provider.

In case of unmanaged servers, customers can normally expect nothing more than the operating system of their choice. It requires full-fledged support of IT teams to install, update, and maintain servers. Hosting service providers may offer routine support of hardware, bandwidth, and security. Customers of unmanaged servers are required for software updates, server configuration, and other server maintenance tasks. Hosts are supposed to install operating system and setup hardware before connecting the server to the internet. Hosts may also ensure assignment of IPs and set control panel.

Unmanaged servers can prove to be a better option provided you have IT manpower to manage the server operations.

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