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How To Disable Web Application Firewall

Site administrators will introduce a Web Application Firewall or WAF for the purpose of blocking malicious traffic. But, in the process it may end up blocking some valid traffic too. For instance, a false positive is one such instance where the WAF can block a valid request. False positives behave as the natural enemies for any Web Application Firewall installation. Every such instance suggests that the WAF is perhaps overworked and it eats up too many resources to do tasks which it should not. So, a lot of the legitimate traffic cannot pass through. So, damages from false positives can actually be almost as bad as damages from any cyber attack. You may thus be forced to disable the WAF in frustration. Turning off the installation can help you lessen false positives but this is a time-consuming process.

When you do not want to leave the WAF enabled for a site you can disable it from the cPanel itself. For this you must go to the "ModSecurity" option which falls under the "Security" tab. Then you have to choose the domain that you wish to disable and click on the "off" option available. For handling false positive too, there are some accepted methods. You could either disable a specific rule completely or remove arguments from getting inspected by a rule. You can also disable a rule pertaining to a specific request at runtime or remove an argument again from inspection by any rule for a specific request at runtime.

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