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How to Install SAP HANA Studio?

SAP HANA Studio could be installed and set up on the system. The SAP HANA server installation is done by skilled technicians for the certified hardware providers. You cannot install or download database software on the server on your own. Thus, just client-side installation would be covered in the section.

Step 1 -

Prior you install SAP HANA Studio on the computer, you have to check that you have every needed element, such as -

  1. Minimum 190 MB free disk space. Objects created by you in the SAP HANA would be stored over server, they won't take space on the machine (until you export those files).
  2. Memory around 1 GB. The SAP HANA studio is made on Eclipse IDE that is written in the Java language. If you have more memory on the machine, smoother will run the SAP HANA Studio.
  3. Vista, Windows 7,  SUSE Linux Enterprise server or Windows XP with 32 or 64 bit version.
  4. JAVA JRE 1.7 or 1.6 has to be configured and installed aptly or SAP HANA Studio installer would fail. In addition, if you possess 32-bit operating system, then you will require 32-bit JAVA and for 64-bit operating system, you will need 64-bit JAVA.
  5. In order to connect with SAP HANA server, you will require Internet Protocol address or server name as well as instance number. You will ask for the information from the system/client administrator. In addition, you have to ensure that SAP HANA Studio could connect to server on port 315. You can check with the network administrator for the same.

Step 2 -

Downloading SAP HANA Studio

One of the easiest ways of getting hold on SAP HANA Studio is utilizing DVD set of SAP HANA as well as studio available there. In case, it is not available, you can utilize SAP Service Marketplace Software Download Center link in order to download Studio. To do so, you will require login of SAP Service Marketplace. In addition, you will require SDN profile in order to download the file. Making the profile free needs just e-mail address. For creating the profile over SDN, you do not have to be SAP customer.

Step 3 -

Installing SAP HANA Studio

Studio installation is straightforward. You just have to run hdbsetup.exe program on Windows in installation folder. Afterwards, follow instructions and your program would be installed.

Step 4 -


Primarily, you run Studio post installation. There will be four options available, including-

  1. Open Administration Console
  2. Open Modeler
  3. Open Lifecycle Management
  4. Documentation Overview

You can select Open Modeler in order to get development layout (known as perspective) through which you would do your SAP HANA work.

Step 5 -

Studio Configuration

Prior you start work with SAP HANA Studio, you have to connect with SAP HANA server. From Modeler or Administration Console perspective, click on the Navigate and then from menu choose Add System.

You have to give instance number and hostname of the SAP HANA installation and short description. Also, you can mention the default language (Locale) setting of the installation as well as create the folders in order to better arrange several SAP HANA servers.

In the end, click Finish button in order to save information.

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